Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What's Her Secret? - The Hair Boutique

 Anyone that knows me knows I take pride in my hair! It is the one thing I am so particular about that I don't trust just anyone to style it or change it up! On all my social media channels the most asked question I get is "Who does your hair?, How do you get your hair like that?" and so on. I had literally tried every salon around my locality until I found one I was in-love with, and that is The Hair Boutique. You may have seen from my Instagram (@niamh_lovelife) or my Snapchat (@niamhwebbor) that I literally visit there on a weekly basis because Rita (Owner and Stylist) is literally the hair wizard - no joke! My hair has been through the ringer over the last 2-3 years from initially been incredibly long, then adding Great Lengths Hair Extensions and then I had a huge mishap of a salon accidentally dying my hair dark brown - yes I know how could someone make that mistake, well they did! I was in desperate need of finding a hairdresser who cared about the quality and condition of my hair, just as much as the style and look I was going for. I have been going to Rita at The Hair Boutique for around 7-8months now and I can honestly say my hair has never been in as good condition. The colour, the cut, everything about it is exactly what I was looking for all along! I am naturally light blonde so straying from a colour that isn't light is a difficult task but over the last few months Rita has transformed my hair from a dead, brassy blonde to a bright, ice-white blonde, along with a few changes along the way with literally zero damage - my hair has never been healthier. From creating looks exactly like I imagined to caring and looking after the condition of my hair with Olaplex treatment - Rita has done it all. If your looking for a hairdresser to create a look that you have always imagined, that cares about the condition of your hair along with being incredibly talented and reasonably priced - then Rita is your woman. You can see all her looks and transformations on her Facebook page here or you can book an appointment on: 087-4387377. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


Monday, 25 April 2016

Playing Dress Up with Dorothy Perkins*

When your given the opportunity to shoot with one of your best friends, of course your going to jump at it. When Dorothy Perkins came to myself and my gal Louise ( to shoot an occasion look together, we were more than excited! With Summer just around the corner and so many events approaching, trying to dress up for every single one of them can be a difficult task, especially if your not one for girly dresses or pretty skirts - just like me! If I was heading to a Wedding or a fancy occasion this Summer then a "Suit Look" would definitely be my go too. I decided to put a look together that would be right up my street and one that of course I would feel 100% comfortable in too. Keeping things simple with a "Black Basic Top" and a simple "Waterfall Blazer" to add a bit of class. Edging up the bottom half with some "Pinstripe Trousers" and a pair of AMAZING "Lime Heels" was key to creating an elegant but an "I just came from London Fashion Week" glam look. Accessories must be simple for a look like this so a simple "Black Fold-Over Clutch" is ideal for keeping everything you need in one safe place. 
If your following me on Snapchat @niamhwebbor you would have seen that it was the second time we had to shoot the look as we lost a lot of the original photos. A big thank you to my Mum for jumping in last minute and shooting this look on a very early Sunday morning!
Also a MASSIVE Thank You to my amazing Mum for taking these shots! This has to be my favourite post yet!
Shop both Dorothy Perkins looks here:

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