Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#BeLimerick with Bus Eireann*

I always find that people are so quick to judge you the minute you say where your from! While some people may wish they were able to move from their hometown, others like myself couldn't be prouder to say where they are from. I couldn't be happier to say I was born and raised in Limerick. There is such a misconception about the town and county that it honestly gets on my nerve when you see peoples initial reaction. Being in the industry I am in, I have often been asked "How do you even run a fashion blog down there?", "Is there even opportunities for fashion in Limerick?" and every single question is answered with a deep breath! Of course there is, there is opportunities around every corner, you just have to go look for them! 
I was recently asked by Bus Eireann why I love being from Limerick? And what it means to me to #BeLimerick? It was a question that got me thinking and in all honesty made fall in love with the county and city a little bit more. I have lived my whole life in Kilmallock, Co.Limerick, just 20 miles outside Limerick City. It is a small town where everyone knows everyone and a community so tight that you can't help but feel supported. The odd occasion when there might not be much to do out in the county, the city is a quick 25 minute drive in the road with bus stops at every second street. From the Parkway to the Crescent, the GAA games in the Gaelic Grounds to a highly anticipated Munster Game in Thomond Park, there is something to do for everyone in this little gem of a county! Who can forget the time there was a 25 Foot Granny roaming the streets of Limerick for the "City of Culture" in September 2014 with people coming from every corner of the county and country to see what can only be described as a global phenomenon! The wave of happiness that was flowing through the city that weekend is something I will never forget. Or when our Limerick GAA teams have a match, the whole county goes in their droves to support their team and show that they have the support of the whole county behind them! There is no feeling quite as amazing as standing in a sea of green jerseys supporting our local players! I could go on forever about Limerick and why I love calling it my home but if I was to exactly pinpoint it down to what it means to me to #BeLimerick, it would have to be the unity of the city and county! I have never met a community so supportive of every initiative that appears! I can take it from my own point of view, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have achieved what I have but it is all down to the never ending support from the people in my local community and county, from the radio stations to the local newspapers, the boutiques to the restaurants, every single aspect of the city and county has contributed to my blog and goal of achieving my dreams! I couldn't be prouder to #BeLimerick.
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Bus Eireann want YOU to tell them why you are proud to #BeLimerickFor those of you who love Limerick, show the world what makes your city great! How do you like to #BeLimerick? Where do you like to BE sporty? BE vibrant? BE good to yourself? Whether it's having a cocktail at your favourite bar, or simply strolling through the street, don't miss this chance to celebrate your city with Bus √Čireann. 
Simply upload a snap and tell us your story of what it means to #BeLimerick on the Bus Eireann Facebook Page to win amazing prizes! A new winner will be picked each day and posted on the Bus Eireann Facebook Page every Monday until July 18th! So tell us why you love to #BeLimerick today! 
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