Saturday, 17 September 2016

Love Cherish Opening

If you haven't heard of Love Cherish Boutique by now then you have to be living under a rock - it's a gem in the centre of Charleville town that has customers coming from every inch of the country. From the incredible finds, the stunning collection of dresses and most importantly the warm, loving welcome from boutique owner Maeve, once you shop in Love Cherish it's hard to go anywhere else. 4 years ago Maeve opened up her boutique which was originally called "Cherish" in the heart of Charleville. With her love of fashion evident in her store along with the most welcoming personality you could ever meet, 4 years later she has expanded, opened a bigger store, won the coveted XFA Best Occasion Wear Award along with dressing some of Irelands Top Personals as well as appearing on Xpose, Ireland AM and so much more - there is no stopping the success of Love Cherish
This morning I attended the opening party for the brand new Love Cherish store and I was completely blown away. The new store oozes class and elegance but still has something for everyone. From it's occasion wear display to it's comfy casuals, it is hard to walk in without picking something up. Covering all sizes and styles, Maeve and her team are on hand 24/7 to help everyone out - they are better than any best friend. It is 1000% evident from Maeve's drive, the amazing store and the incredible team at Love Cherish that this is just the beginning of a very exciting chapter for her. If you haven't yet, check out the Love Cherish Facebook Page here or over Instagram @lovecherishboutique, and if you want snaps that you can 100% relate to and make you laugh every evening then be sure to follow Love Cherish on Snapchat @lovecherish1 - you won't regret it. 
Massive Congratulations to Maeve and the rest of the team at Love Cherish for an incredible opening and what can only be a very exciting new chapter. 

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