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If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you will know that I am a tan fanatic. Being so naturally pale I tend to fake tan 24/7 to give my skin a naturally healthy glow. You can imagine my delight when MakeBelieveBeauty sent me their entire tanning range - I am now stocked up for a lifetime! I had heard so much about the brand before as it has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan so I was excited to try it out for myself. I have been trying out the range for a few weeks now and I am completely blown away with how good the actual products are. I could sit here all day writing about what I love about each product but instead I will just chat to you about my 2 absolute favourites from the range. (sidenote: I only talk about tans I genuinely adore so I can cross my heart and hope to die that this is a range I adore)
1. Starting off with the "Spa & Polish Exfoliator" which is an absolute tanning must in my eyes! We all know how much of a disaster fake tanning can potentially be so it is so important to find a good quality exfoliator which will remove any old tan and dead skin. This is something that I generally struggle with as I rarely find an exfoliator strong enough to freshen up my skin without causing irritation. Suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis makes finding a good product a lot harder. The creamy texture with small beads honestly removes tan from the skin with a quick rub leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean, with zero irritation. It's buffing formula ensures you have the perfect canvas to apply an even layer of tan and better yet it has the most beautiful rainforest-esque fragrance that you end up smelling like a dream. 
2. My second favourite product from the range is the "Self Tan Mist with Bronzer", if you like to be dark then this is the product for you! Honestly I have never used a tan that produces such a natural looking bronzed look. It absolutely simple to apply with it being a mist so it ensures you get an even tan all over. What I love the most about the product is that it is extremely moisturising. A lot of the time fake tans tend to seep into and emphasis dry patches of skin which can be a nightmare but because it is lanolin and paraben free and full of argan oil, aloe vera and more it is so gently on the skin and evens out any patches that usually appear - bonus! The colour also develops within 2-4 hours meaning the longer you leave it on, the darker the colour appears! I tend to apply mine before bed and wash it off the following morning to ensure a nice bronzed colour has developed. It can be used both on your Face and Body giving it a 10/10 in my eyes!
From the Self Tan Mist to the Gradual Tan Lotion and more there is something in the range that suits everyones tanning needs. I am delighted I got to try out the tan and know for a fact it will remain part of my tanning routine for the foreseeable future. 
If your interested in testing out the MakeBelieve Tanning range for yourself then you can buy it online here, but shipping can work out a little bit costly. MakeBelieve Tan is also available in 50 stockists throughout the country like McCartans, Dairy Farm, McAleer Medical Hall and so much more - you can check out their website here for any info you may need. 
Trust me, if your looking for a new tanning product, then MakeBelieve Tan is a must!
Results of using Make Believe Tanning Range.
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