By Niamh Webb O'Rourke

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Monday Blues on a Tuesday.

How many of us dread Monday morning? It's like we are afraid of reality after a fun-filled weekend. If you work in retail like myself, you are almost glad to see Monday morning after a weekend full of 1000's of customers and a million and one questions. For me personally I enjoy Monday mornings, I feel like it is a chance of a fresh start and exciting opportunities. This Monday was a little different, I woke up extremely anxious. I've struggled with anxiety for over 2 years now but negative thoughts over the weekend set my chest into a surreal tightness that I can't seem to release. It's sad to see that a few negative thoughts can make some of us feel this way, it's like our body and mind has lost control of itself and is fighting for a way back. I suppose in a way I am lucky that I have learned a few ways to regain control of my thoughts but this weekend was a little reality check that no matter how far I have come, it's always there waiting for it's moment of attack. The point I am trying to make is that no matter how you feel or what thoughts are controlling your mind, every Monday and every morning is chance to regain control of your body and mind, it's a new beginning. 
"No amount of regret can change the past. No amount of anxiety can change the future."
Now back to the look, I am all about those Yeezy vibes lately wearing oversized sweaters with everyday basics. Today's look shows just that! This "Olive Oversized Sweater Dress" from PrettyLittleThing which has been a wardrobe staple of mine this season was a must for this look. Pairing it up with my beloved "Pleather Skinnies", it is the ideal match. While occasionally I wish I was the girl that could throw on a little frilly dress and feel comfortable, I think no matter what I will always need a little bit of edge to my looks. 
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Photos by my Mum.
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