Monday, 19 June 2017

Boys Style!

You may notice I am not the girliest girl! Yeah I am a Makeup Artist and nothing makes me happier than a designer handbag but honestly when it comes to clothes, I think I shop in the men's section more! I like to be comfortable at all times, that includes my clothes. I can't hack walking around in tight fit dresses and high heels when I know I feel like "mutton dressed as lamb!". For years I tried to sway away from my different style and tried to dress the "norm" but in reality made myself 46386 times more uncomfortable than if I was just being me! It may sound stupid to some people but what I am wearing is a very important factor to how I feel that day - strange I know. I think it is only in recent months when being different is now celebrated rather than condemned that I have fully embraced being myself and I think it is so important for every single person to do the very same! Life is honestly too damn short to not be the truest you and you don't want to regret your life when your 80 years old! So take it from me, dress how you want, be who you want and live the life you want - nothing else really matters!
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Photos by the very talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows - see his blog here: 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Why I Have Been M.I.A

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a little bit quieter over the last few weeks on the blog and on social media, that was mainly because I simply just took a little break for myself! Life got a little hectic over the past while with work, finishing up college and just life in general that my blog just kind of had to be pushed to the side for awhile. That is perfectly fine though because life is all about balance. I enjoyed my (kinda) time off and actually lived my life rather than watching it through my phone. For the first time in a long time I went on a night away for the June Bank Holiday with my friends and it was so much fun to just put my phone aside and spend the weekend laughing with them. I am VERY lucky to have such amazing friends in my life, the kind of ones that make my sides sore from laughing - they are one of a kind! I think after recent events over the last few weeks we need to remember to cherish every single day and to enjoy life. Not one of us know what tomorrow has in store so it's only right that we live today the right way which is something I plan on continually doing! The break done me the WORLD of good though because now I am beyond excited to get stuck back into work and with so many exciting things planned for the next few weeks, I cannot wait to show you whats coming. Starting off with a PINCH ME event in Dublin tomorrow, I cannot actually believe it! Keep an eye on my Instagram @niamh_lovelife to see where I am heading too.
Photos by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from, make sure to follow his Instagram: @thisboyknows

Monday, 29 May 2017

3 Shoes You NEED This Summer - EGO Shoes

I think it is fair to say that thanks too Gucci, Mules are TAKING OVER this Summer. Now unfortunately 99.9% of us don't have the budget to splash out on a pair of Gucci Mules but thankfully EGO Shoes are there to back us up! I have literally been lusting over them for the longest time and when EGO got in touch to style a few pairs up, I jumped at the chance. For a girl who lives in trainers for the majority of her time I was little apprehensive about how I would I style them, would I even like them on and most importantly would they even be comfortable? Thankfully though the shoe Gods answered my prayers and they are AMAZING! Honestly, the fit, style and array of prints is too much for a girl to handle - I ADORE them all! I decided to stick with the basics as a first step into this whole new era of shoes - Black Faux Fur, Tan Faux Fur & Floral Print! 
1. Black Faux Fur Mule - Here:
For a first step into the Mule Life, I think these "Black Faux Fur Lined" Mules are the perfect pair. They basically are a basic piece with an edge! Black goes with almost everything which is an absolute bonus but I think the faux fur lining just gives them something extra. You could wear them dressed up or down which means they are the perfect piece for anyone to own. I decided to add them to a really edgy outfit and I am so glad with how it turned out! An Oversized Orange Hoodie, Gingham Flared Trousers and a standard Black Cross-Body Bag, can you actually go wrong? I think the Mules add the perfect finish to the look completing those streetstyle-esque vibes!
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2. Black Foral Mule - Here:
Everyone loves a bit of floral print in their life, especially during the Summer so that is why these "Floral Embroidered Mules" were right up my street. I adore the colours within the print which means they will go with a multitude of pieces! I decided to add these absolute beauties to a very urban look, clashing manly tee's with girly colours. The bright pink trousers really tie the floral mules into the entire look and because of their bright block colour, it blocks the clash between the print of the shoes and the slogan tee. Throw on an Over-sized Black Leather Jacket for the perfect urban vibes. (yes that is my fly open in some of these photos - Opps)
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3. Tan Faux Fur Mule - Here:
And last but certainly not least I decided to go for another basic style of Mule but this time in a Tan colour. With it being Summer and my wardrobe looking a lot brighter, I thought a tan pair would go with a lot of pieces I have and I was right. They are the perfect addition to any look and change up your appearance in an instant. I just adore how bright they are and most importantly how expensive they look when they were 3924920 times cheaper than the real thing. Pairing them up with a Cobalt Blue Sweater and some Stripy Trousers, I don't think you could go wrong with a look like this!
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So there you have it, 3 Shoes YOU NEED in your wardrobe this Summer from EGO Shoes.
Photos are by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from @thisboyknows on Instagram, check out his blog:

**This post is not sponsored by EGO Shoes but I was lucky enough to receive the shoes as a gift.**

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The 22 Year Old Nana!

I like to be a little different, I was never born to just "fit in" and I am 100% ok with that! It has taken me forever to realise that I am perfectly fine the way I am and just because I don't act like many people the same age as me, that that is ok too. In my group of friends and in work I am known as the nana - honestly an 80 year old would have more get up and go for a social life more than I would. I never had a grĂ¡ for a night life and I much prefer to sit in on a Saturday Night watching Britains Got Talent than anything else. Some say I will regret it when I am older, that I didn't live a crazy youth but in all honesty I think I will actually appreciate it. I'll appreciate the fact that I accepted who I was at such a young age and didn't try to fit in like everyone else. I'll be thankful that I spent my youth doing the things I love, spending my time with the people who mean the most to me and for appreciating the quieter moments in life. I think in this day and age, it's so important for people to realise, especially the youth of today that you don't have to fit in, you don't have to be the same as that girl on Instagram with a million likes, that you don't have to be falling around in a nightclub on a Saturday night to enjoy your life. You weren't put on this earth to please others, you put here to please yourself! So take it from me, the 22 year old Nana, spend every minute of your life doing something you love and don't regret a single second of it! 
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Trousers - Here ll Shirt - Here ll Trainers - Here
Photos again by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows. Check our his blog here and follow him on Instagram: @thisboyknows.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Lost Two.

I think "The Lost Two" is a fairly apt title for the two of us. Meet my friend Lisa! I've been friends with Lisa since my very first day of Primary School, at just 4 years of age we bonded over our blonde bowl-haircuts, our inability to draw on the page in front of us and that little bit of a difference that was in us. Fast forward 18 years and here we are still as good friends as ever! From pretending to be Mary Poppins on slides, hiding in cabby houses to our love of fashion and attending the same College Course, we are quite literally two peas in a pod! What I love about our friendship is that we might not see or hear from each other for months but when we do meet up, nothing has ever changed! We were always the odd ones in school, we loved art and creating things and when we grew up that turned into a strong passion for all things fashion and creativity. I think if you ask anyone they will say you could never really pin point us - the two of us have notions. The direct college path was not right for either of us and 4 years later I think we are both happy to say we didn't follow the typical route. When you have a creative mind and soul you are always thinking up of new ideas, have crazy plans and most importantly, you know exactly who you are and what you want from life. With a rather mature head on both of us, I think it is fair to say we will be friends for life. Nothing motivates me more than a chat with Lisa and when you find a friend like that, you sure as hell don't let them go! 
Check out Lisa's blog here - Mode Map and follow her on Instagram: @lisacampionbarry 
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Top - Here ll Jeans - Here ll Shoes - Here ll Crossbody - Here
Photos again by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows. Check our his blog here and follow him on Instagram: @thisboyknows.
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