Sunday, 3 December 2017

Chapter 12/12

I can't actually believe we are in December and I am here writing one of my last posts of 2017. To say that this year has been the most mental year of my life is an understatement, from going to London with L'Oreal as the Irish Face of Colorista to Disneyland with Primark, from starting a new job I love to graduating from my College Degree and everything else in between - 2017 has been the ultimate rollercoaster! I must say that it has been the year that has made me realise who I want to be and how to be the type of person that I can be proud of! In general I am the biggest introvert around but this year has pushed me out of my comfort zone to discover new places and also to test me when I least expected it. It has also been the year that has shown me the actual potential out there for my little corner of the internet, Love Life dipped it's toes into the influence it could potentially have on the internet world and for that alone I am so incredibly proud of both my blog and myself. I have some big ideas for the future of Love Life for the new year and I cannot wait to put my ideas into action. 
On a more personal note, 2017 has thought me how important it is to have time on your own and to certainly not follow the path of what "You should be doing..."! On a daily basis I am asked "Are you going out much? Do you have a boyfriend? You're 22, why don't you have one?" and so on. I am sure I am not the only 22 year old girl in this position but my god people - it is the 21st century, can a girl not be her own boss lady and follow her own dreams instead of searching for "Mr.Right". I think fairytales have given the wrong idea of how life "should be" and how no woman is complete without a man in her life, women do not need to depend on a man, END OF! I have the rest of my life to worry about that, this is my time to follow my dreams and do what is right for ME! Times are changing, no one has to have the perfect job by 27 and be married with kids by the time they are 30, if you're only starting to grow up at 42 then good for you! If you are still figuring out what you want to do with your life that is perfectly ok - just remember it is your life to live, absolutely no one else's. 
The thoughts of 2018 gives me goosebumps, I set myself goals for 2017 some that I achieved and some that I didn't but I am beyond proud of how far I have come, I have some MAJOR GOALS for 2018 that I cannot wait to share! Always remember "No Dream Is Too Big - Believe in yourself". 
Outfit Details: Full Look from PrettyLittleThing

Photos taken by Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows, see his website here. 


Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Faux Fur of Dreams from PrettyLittleThing

I think it is fair to say that I have an unprecedented obsession to faux fur coats this A/W - they are just the dream! So it really was no surprise that when I spotted this "Pink & Navy" beauty on PrettyLittleThing that I had to own it! Can someone say glam or what? Honestly I felt like an absolute queen strolling around in it, just a pity it wasn't the streets of New York I was walking. At first I was actually a bit hesitant to wear it because it is such a stand out piece that I knew I would receive a few unwelcoming stares but I said to myself "forget it and wear what you want!" I think that is the very purpose of my blog Love Life, to encourage people to wear what they want, express themselves in their style and to not give a hoot of what people say or think of them! I know I always harp on about it but style is such a personal thing that it takes a lot of balls to be yourself with it but once you do, you will never regret it! Personally I think PrettyLittleThing are the epitome of this reasoning and it is one of the main reasons I adore the brand! They encourage you to push boundaries like no other & what is not to love about that! 
Now onto the look, styling up a statement piece like this amazing faux fur beauty, you need to be careful with what you pair it with! You could go wild with a few clashing prints & textures like I have done above or you could also keep it quite calm and simple - it's up to you! I wanted to make a little bit of a bigger statement with this look so of course a "Slogan Tee" which you can't really see in these photos was a must! I wanted to keep the bottom half quite sophisticated so my "Navy Pinstripe Pants" were a crucial piece. Tying up the entire colour scheme with some "Pastel Block Boots" which are BEYOND comfortable and to finish it off with the new LOVE OF MY LIFE, my "Marc Jacobs Crossbody" - isn't it beautiful?
PrettyLittleThing have the most AMAZING pieces it is crazy! They are always my one stop shop for online shopping especially with their amazing Dress Collection which is where I pick up 99.9% of my going out outfits - what is not to love about them! See their website & Dress Collection here. 

Outfit Details:

Photos by Adam Coleman - This Boy Knows. See his blog here.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Primark x Disneyland 25th Anniversary*

If you don't follow me on social media (you're probably better off after this weekend, haha) then you would have missed the fact that I was in DISNEYLAND PARIS - eeeeep! with Primark to celebrate the launch of Primark's latest Disney Collection, along with celebrating Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary! The only word that can be used to describe the weekend is magical. From the minute I stepped into Disneyland, Paris to the minute I gathered my bags, it was a dream come true! 
Myself & 9 other bloggers from Ireland, England, Spain and the Netherlands spent the weekend shooting photos, going on rollercoasters, meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse, laughing until our sides were sore and embracing every single side to Disneyland - it truly was the trip of a lifetime. I remember getting the email from Primark at the end of August inviting me on this amazing trip and I burst out crying. To think one of my favourite brands in the entire world choose little old Niamh from Limerick to go on a once in a lifetime trip with some of the world's biggest bloggers blows my mind! Never in a million years did I think something like this would ever happen when I started my blog 3 years ago and it is all down to every single one of you who read my posts, follow my social channels and support me 1000% of the way - I am beyond grateful. 
Disneyland Paris is literally a haven, you can feel the happiness in the air the moment you step passed the front gate. Some of the biggest names in the world have been there, with one of them being Michael Jackson, and I got to have dinner in his previous private suite looking over the Princess Castle watching the Illumination Show - how is that even real life? To think that I got to do all that with Primark, one of the biggest brands in the world just baffles me - it was incredible! From the House of Terror to Thunder Mountain, the Mickey Mouse Musical to Dinner at Pirates of the Caribbean, there is something there for everyone. One of the main highlights of the trip for me was watching the fireworks over the Princess Castle at night despite the rain pouring down on us - it was the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. 
I don't want to keep going on about it all because no doubt I have taken up 90% of your timelines with all my posts of Disneyland but I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to the amazing Stephanie and Primark for inviting me on such an incredible trip, treating us like royalty and of course giving me such an amazing opportunity. Thank you to Disneyland for providing us with a weekend that dreams are made of, ye looked after us like no other and I have memories that will last a lifetime. Last but certainly not least thank you to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who are reading this right now! Your never ending support, encouragement and drive has pushed me on when I felt like giving up, your continuous love gives me a sense of pride with what I have created and your belief in me has turned my dreams into reality and for that alone I will be forever grateful - THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!
Photos by the INCREDIBLE Joe Galvin - thank you for your never ending patience! Follow his Instagram @joegalvinphoto

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


It's November 1st at long last and it is officially my favourite time of the year! Nothing and I mean NOTHING actually makes me happier than Christmas. The decorations are up everywhere, the nights are that little bit darker and the crisp cold breeze means layers are essential. I am in my fashion element also when it comes to the colder seasons, I am just not cut out for barely there looks, I am all about the "pig in a blanket" look - give me all the layers. Of course, like every year, my coat collection is continuing to grow and this year is no exception. The minute I laid my eyes on this "BoohooMan Faux Fur Grey Coat", I knew I had to get my hands on it! I absolutely adore how luxurious it is and it has such a nice oversized fit too. A jacket like this needs to be the focal point of ANY look so all black pieces were key to finishing off this look with a simple pair of "Leather Skinnies" and an "Oversized Jumper" with of my course my beloved "Black Heeled Ankle Boots". along with BoohooMan are KILLING IT this season with their selection of Faux Fur Coats - I have my eyes on a few more styles that will definitely be added to my never ending collection soon. 
Outfit Details: 

Photos by Adam Coleman from 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Faux Fur Season

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder which means it's Faux Fur Season for me. The minute I get a slight breeze of the freezing cold, my faux fur's are out for the for-seeable future. I just think they are the most glam pieces to own and can be worn for both casual looks and real glam looks. I have my fair share from previous A/W's which I adore and love but have slowly but surely been stocking up my wardrobe with a few new additions this season, starting off with this PrettyLittleThing number. I think a "Black Faux Fur Jacket" is a no brainer to have in your wardrobe. It is an incredibly versatile piece to own and this one is one of my favourites. It's short hair feel and velvety smooth texture is what dreams are made of. Styling it up today with quite a simple look of Mom Jeans, an Oversized Jumper and of course my beloved Vans - my go too look. I think this beauty will definitely be worn to death this season and I cannot wait to style it up a number of different ways! 
Outfit Details:

Photos by Adam Coleman from This Boy Knows - see his website here.
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