By Niamh Webb O'Rourke

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Starry Eyed.

Jacket & Jumper - MissGuided ll Jeans - Zara ll Belt  - ll Glasses - Ace & Tate ll Hat & Socks - Primark ll Boots - Public Desire
Some days I feel extremely creative, I have so many ideas for different looks and then on other days I have nothing! It made me think back to when I first decided to take my blog seriously and how much it has grown and developed since then - it makes me extremely proud of how far I have come. I personally think I have a very creative and visual soul, which can be very exciting which is why I love having a fashion blog. I can express myself through the clothes I wear and the looks I create which is an amazing thing to be able to do. Everyday I feel like I create a new personality while at the same time I am still being me - which brings me todays look!
I spent hours on a daily basis when I was younger running around the playground, laughing with my friends with my head dancing among the stars - life was simpler then which is why I thought it would be the perfect place to shoot my new Public Desire "Glitter Star Boots". Creating a very urban look with some basic "Mom Jeans" and a "Camouflage Parka" which I actually picked up on Boohoo Man. Proving that I do wear the same item twice, I decided to incorporate my MissGuided "Cropped Jumper" which was also in my previous look to show how versatile some pieces can actually be. This is a very "stand outside the box" look for me but it's looks like this that I love. Why blend in when we were born to stand out?
Outfit Details:
Jacket (Similar) - Here ll Jeans - Here ll Jumper (Similar) - Here ll Boots - Here ll Glasses - Here
Photos by my Mum.
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