Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Yeezy Vibez ft. Boohoo.com

I think it's very important to surround yourself with people who push you to follow your dreams, that believe in you when you share your crazy ideas and want to see you do well in life. These people are rare but when you find them, immerse yourself in their presence! That's the very reason I love collaborating with Aoife from That Indie Irish Blog. We are two girls with very different styles but an extremely similar approach to fashion. I think it is fair to say we don't exactly like to blend in, we feel our clothes are our voices and wearing what you want is our favourite form of expression. 
This week we teamed up to share some of our favourite Boohoo.com pieces. Having no idea what the other person was picking, our looks are completely contrasting but gel together so well. They're is a very strong Yeezy Vibe (without the price tag) to both our looks with sports luxe being a trend we both love. It's amazing to collaborate with someone who's drive is just a strong as yours. The world is literally our oyster and I plan on making every moment count. 
Shop Our Looks Here:

See our previous collaboration "Generation Next" Here.
Photos by the incredibly talented Oisin McHugh Photography.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Some Days are a Daydream.

If you are following my social channels you will know that this week was an absolute whirlwind. I was lucky enough to be flown over to London to the official L'OrĂ©al Colorista Launch as their new Irish Ambassador with Dominique Nugent. To say the event was surreal is an understatement. To be at an event with some of the UK's and Europe's biggest Youtubers and Bloggers that I look up to was insane. From Marcus Butler to InTheFrow, everyone who is anyone was at the event along with little old me. There was so many pinch me moments that I feel like I didn't deserve to be there! It's a night I will 1000% never forget and if anything has given me the motivation to work even harder to pursue my dreams. 
"If you don't build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs."
Back to the look, I like to be a little different, that's a given and this look is just that! "Shaggy Cardigans" are my weakness as they add so much luxe to a simple look. Keeping things urban with a "Washed Out ACDC T-Shirt" and some simple "Faux Leather Jeans". To finish it off I added a pop of glam with my beloved "Silver Glitter Boots"
Shop The Look:
Cardigan - Here ll Top - Here ll Pants - Here ll Glasses - Here ll Boots - Sold Out (Zara)

Photos by my Mum.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Primark x Instagram - Feature (2)

I was lucky enough to be featured on the Primark Instagram again this week. When opportunities like this present themselves, I just can't believe that it is my actual life! So excited for whats to come over the next few months and thanks again to Primark for sharing one of my looks - See the post here


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Primark x Instagram - Feature

The blogging industry has provided me with the most amazing opportunities and I am so incredibly grateful for them all. This week I was lucky enough to be shared on the Primark Instagram Account which is an incredible honour! See my Instagram feature below.


Friday, 3 February 2017

Just Do It!

Zippie, Sweater & Leggings - Nike from JD Sports ll Trainers - Reeboks from JD Sports
I never thought I would see that day that I actually got off my lazy ass and went back to the gym, it may have taken me until February but I am finally joining! Last Summer I was actually hooked on going, I had a holiday planned with the girls for the end of August so that was like my end target and when I had no goals to reach afterwards, I kind of just stopped and became the definition of a couch potato! It's hard to get back into a routine when you have been out of one for so long but with so many exciting trips coming up I decided it was time to get my ass moving again! If there is one thing that motivates me to get up and moving, it has to be new gym gear! JD Sports is literally my one-stop shop for all things Sports Wear so it was no surprise that I stocked up recently. Wearing all "Nike" pieces from their most recent range, I think I could easily end up wearing these on a daily basis. Keeping things simple with some "Old School Reebok Trainers" I am all set for the gym (or at least I look like I am.)
Photos by my Mum.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

There's No Place Like Home

I am pretty sure I said this in my last post but can you actually believe it's the 1st of February already? 2017 is absolutely flying by and it is already proving to be a great one. I always take February as my new year to put plans into action. I never do anything productive in January, it's my birthday month, I always have college exams and in general everyone is kind of broke so trying to put plans into action is next to near impossible. Fear not though, it's a new month and a new chapter. I have decided to plan every week from now on to try get the most out of my days. Trying to balance Work, College, the Blog and some sort of a social life and exercise is next to near impossible that I end up getting bogged down and do nothing productive. Planning is also majorly helping me deal with my anxiety, it's not something I talk about very much because it's a personal thing but being a bit organised has lifted some kind of small weight off my shoulders and in reality every little helps. I am also a little bit (majorly) of a hermit and enjoy spending alone time way too much so I have decided to promise myself to go out and enjoy life with my friends a little bit more, I mean I will never be this young again so why not make the most of it while I can! It is fair to say I have some big goals and some personal goals set in place for the coming months that I hope to achieve. I think with the right mindset and a good plan of action, you can achieve anything and that is what I am hoping for this year. I have also promised myself to take some time out of the everyday craziness to enjoy some quiet moments. This weekend I went up the Ballyhoura Mountains for a few hours with my Brother and his Girlfriend to enjoy the outdoors for awhile, just to give my head a break from reality and have a little think about things! Despite the wet weather it actually done me the world of good and something I going to make an effort to do more often. I forget sometimes that places like this exist right outside my front door and I do take it for granted but as the saying goes "There's no place like home" and I could not agree more!
My brother also decided to Vlog our trip up the Ballyhouras which is basically me making a fool out of myself as per usual. You can watch the video below and don't forget to subscribe to his Youtube Channel here

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