Friday, 3 February 2017

Just Do It!

Zippie, Sweater & Leggings - Nike from JD Sports ll Trainers - Reeboks from JD Sports
I never thought I would see that day that I actually got off my lazy ass and went back to the gym, it may have taken me until February but I am finally joining! Last Summer I was actually hooked on going, I had a holiday planned with the girls for the end of August so that was like my end target and when I had no goals to reach afterwards, I kind of just stopped and became the definition of a couch potato! It's hard to get back into a routine when you have been out of one for so long but with so many exciting trips coming up I decided it was time to get my ass moving again! If there is one thing that motivates me to get up and moving, it has to be new gym gear! JD Sports is literally my one-stop shop for all things Sports Wear so it was no surprise that I stocked up recently. Wearing all "Nike" pieces from their most recent range, I think I could easily end up wearing these on a daily basis. Keeping things simple with some "Old School Reebok Trainers" I am all set for the gym (or at least I look like I am.)
Photos by my Mum.
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