Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Make-Up Bag Essentials.

It may have taken a lifetime but I am finally back with some beauty posts for you all. It is something I took a step back from a few months back because I just felt there was so many amazingly talented people already out there in the beauty industry that my opinions weren't needed. But seeing as I am a qualified makeup artist previously working with MAC Cosmetics and am an absolute makeup fanatic, I thought it was only right that I got back into the makeup game! I decided I would start off with something simple as I generally tend to get a lot of questions about my daily makeup look so I have put together "My Make-Up Bag Essentials". These are the products I use EVERYDAY and I just absolutely adore! Some are pricey while the majority are drugstore finds but after trialling and testing so many different brands and products, these are my absolute favourites! 
Starting off with the Charlotte Tilbury "Wonder Glow", initially I was actually very hesitant to try out the product because it does cost €49 and I didn't want to part with that much money if I wasn't that sure about it. Thankfully I picked up a tester of it one day and fell in love with it after one use. I don't know what is the correct term to describe it but I basically use it to create a glowing base to any makeup look. I find my makeup just goes out a lot smoother because of it and my skin has this healthy looking glow all day with it so it's a daily must. Also a little goes a long way with this beauty so use sparingly. 
For foundation I always use the "Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation" and I use Shade 54. No matter what foundation I use, whether it was €100 or €10, I always end up going back to this Bourjois gem. I love a full coverage foundation that covers up every blemish my skin may have without looking heavy or cakey and this does just that. It feels really light on the skin too which is an added bonus so my skin can easily breathe throughout the day with it on. As an added bonus, it also has amazing long-lasting coverage which means I rarely have to top it up and is a steal avg: €13 in most drugstores. 
For concealer I ALWAYS use these two. I adore the "Rimmel Wake Me Up" Concealer for covering up any blemishes on my skin and any dark circles under my eyes. I just find it blends so naturally with my foundation and doesn't seep into the skin under my eyes which is always an added bonus. To brighten my under eyes I can't go a day without using the NARS "Creamy Concealer", I actually use the lightest shade for under my eyes and highlighting my skin as I am naturally very pale. I just find it is the best highlighting concealer I have ever used. It has quite a thick consistency which creates a flawless finish and blends into the skin easily. I also love that it really does illuminate the skin giving your face a bright appearance all day long. It is a little pricey at around €20 for a concealer but I personally think it is worth it. 
For my lips I only ever use the same 3 lip products! They are my absolute favourite combination and I am yet to find something else that creates a nude lip as flawless as these. They are the Primark "Nude Lip Liner", MAC Lipstick in "Honeylove" and NYX "Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cairo". There is nothing else I can say besides they are AMAZING! Trust me, give them a go!
Last but not least, the final product I have to have in my makeup bag is the Benefit "Hoola" Bronzer, honestly this is one of a kind! I use it for EVERYTHING. Between bronzing up my skin, contouring, filling in my brows and eyeshadow, it has a never ending list of uses. It is the perfect natural brown shade that creates warmth and definition for your skin. It is in a league of it's own and an essential for every makeup look I create.
So there you have it, those are "My Make-Up Bag Essentials". I use every single one of these products on a daily basis as I just adore them. I personally think they are the best out there at the moment and no look is ever created without them.
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