Wednesday, 1 February 2017

There's No Place Like Home

I am pretty sure I said this in my last post but can you actually believe it's the 1st of February already? 2017 is absolutely flying by and it is already proving to be a great one. I always take February as my new year to put plans into action. I never do anything productive in January, it's my birthday month, I always have college exams and in general everyone is kind of broke so trying to put plans into action is next to near impossible. Fear not though, it's a new month and a new chapter. I have decided to plan every week from now on to try get the most out of my days. Trying to balance Work, College, the Blog and some sort of a social life and exercise is next to near impossible that I end up getting bogged down and do nothing productive. Planning is also majorly helping me deal with my anxiety, it's not something I talk about very much because it's a personal thing but being a bit organised has lifted some kind of small weight off my shoulders and in reality every little helps. I am also a little bit (majorly) of a hermit and enjoy spending alone time way too much so I have decided to promise myself to go out and enjoy life with my friends a little bit more, I mean I will never be this young again so why not make the most of it while I can! It is fair to say I have some big goals and some personal goals set in place for the coming months that I hope to achieve. I think with the right mindset and a good plan of action, you can achieve anything and that is what I am hoping for this year. I have also promised myself to take some time out of the everyday craziness to enjoy some quiet moments. This weekend I went up the Ballyhoura Mountains for a few hours with my Brother and his Girlfriend to enjoy the outdoors for awhile, just to give my head a break from reality and have a little think about things! Despite the wet weather it actually done me the world of good and something I going to make an effort to do more often. I forget sometimes that places like this exist right outside my front door and I do take it for granted but as the saying goes "There's no place like home" and I could not agree more!
My brother also decided to Vlog our trip up the Ballyhouras which is basically me making a fool out of myself as per usual. You can watch the video below and don't forget to subscribe to his Youtube Channel here

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