Monday, 17 April 2017

Growing Up x Primark*

Don't we all miss our childhood days? When we didn't have a care in the world, not a worry on our shoulders and we were simply carefree. I miss those days, I miss waking up with a clear head and a fun-filled day of adventure ahead. I guess that is what happens when your growing up, you forget how simple life was when you were younger. Things that seemed like the end of the world back then, aren't even a blip in your daily life now. A day off work doing nothing seems like a dream and getting a proper nights sleep seems beyond unrealistic. But isn't constantly chasing your tail worth it in the end? The feeling of pride you get when you finish a project you have been working tirelessly on, the joy you feel when you get that promotion in work and finally owning that designer bag you once dreamed of because you worked for it! I am at that stage in my life right now, nearing the end of my final year in college about to jump head on into the real world of full-time work. While at times I get overwhelmed by the thoughts of finally being "an adult", it also makes me very excited to see where my career will take me, how will I progress, will I love it or will I hate it? It is without a doubt a daunting but very exciting time in my life and I promise to cherish every moment of it, good or bad!
I think all these thoughts are the reason why I was instantly drawn to these "Pink Dungarees" new in to Primark. A little touch of your childhood in a grown up outfit - bonus! I just love the fun vibe they give a look and they are such a fun piece to style up! Keeping everything young yet edgy with a "Slogan Cut-Out Tee" (that you can't really see here) and a simple "Denim Jacket". I am loving double denim this Spring/Summer so adding it to this look with the contrasting colours was the perfect addition! Then finally to add one more piece of colour to the look, I added this a "Emerald Green Hoodie" which I actually picked up in Primark Man for €11, along with every other colour it came in! I just think the green colouring plays off the pink so well that it really gives it a fun, childish look. 
Primark are literally KILLIN'IT this Spring/Summer with their latest lines! Every time I go in for a pair of socks I come out €17368204 poorer - typical, but I just can't help it! 
All the pieces from this look are in store in Primarks nationwide now. 
This post is sponsored by Primark.
Photos by my Mum. 
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