Sunday, 2 April 2017

#LoveLifeTravels - Edinburgh

I am only home 48 hours and I would give anything to be back in Edinburgh. It was a trip I was so excited for and it certainly lived up to it's expectations. At the end of last year I decided to book flights for myself & my friend Emma for her 21st birthday which is later this month as a present. It was a short 3 Day-City break but it was an amazing one. Thankfully we had great weather for the 3 days which is unexpected for Edinburgh seeing as we had packed as if we were going to the Antartica. If you are following me on Instagram: @niamh_lovelife you would have seen my daily updates of our trip while we were over there but I actually managed to Vlog the whole trip too so I should have that up over the next week or so. I have gotten quite a few messages asking where we stayed and what we did while we were over there so I thought it would be best to share all that information with you here.
Where We Stayed: We stayed in the Apex City Hotel in Grassmarket which was ideal. It was a 5 minute walk from Princess Street, Edinburgh Castle, everything really. We actually booked it on and snapped it up for a bargain so if your looking for a really swanky hotel but don't want to pay extremely high prices then definitely check that out. 
What We Did: Thankfully I have amazing followers so when I popped it up on social media that I was going to Edinburgh for a few days I got so many recommendations on what to see & do over there that we didn't even know where to start. Cocktail bars were definitely the must recommended things for us to do but we aren't really going out people and are generally in bed before 11pm no matter where we go on holidays! We also didn't want to waste any of our days hungover so we kind of gave the nights out a miss. Instead we actually did a lot of touristy things and of course a spot of shopping too. I will have everything we did in my upcoming Vlog but mainly we went to see Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura, National Scottish Gallery, The Dungeons, The Zoo and so much more. 
Where We Ate: Food was a big thing for us and I am pretty sure I ate for 90% of our trip but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every morning we went to The Huxley for breakfast. It was such a gorgeous restaurant/cafe and literally had the nicest pancakes imaginable - I had to be rolled out of there every day. For dinner then we went to Byron Burger and TGI Fridays of course, the perfect places for tasty burgers along with so much more!
All my outfit details and more are over on my Instagram (@niamh_lovelife) if you want to have a look but I will also have my Vlog up sometime this week which will give you a better insight into the whole trip. Edinburgh - YOU ARE AMAZING!

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