By Niamh Webb O'Rourke

Monday, 29 May 2017

3 Shoes You NEED This Summer - EGO Shoes

I think it is fair to say that thanks too Gucci, Mules are TAKING OVER this Summer. Now unfortunately 99.9% of us don't have the budget to splash out on a pair of Gucci Mules but thankfully EGO Shoes are there to back us up! I have literally been lusting over them for the longest time and when EGO got in touch to style a few pairs up, I jumped at the chance. For a girl who lives in trainers for the majority of her time I was little apprehensive about how I would I style them, would I even like them on and most importantly would they even be comfortable? Thankfully though the shoe Gods answered my prayers and they are AMAZING! Honestly, the fit, style and array of prints is too much for a girl to handle - I ADORE them all! I decided to stick with the basics as a first step into this whole new era of shoes - Black Faux Fur, Tan Faux Fur & Floral Print! 
1. Black Faux Fur Mule - Here:
For a first step into the Mule Life, I think these "Black Faux Fur Lined" Mules are the perfect pair. They basically are a basic piece with an edge! Black goes with almost everything which is an absolute bonus but I think the faux fur lining just gives them something extra. You could wear them dressed up or down which means they are the perfect piece for anyone to own. I decided to add them to a really edgy outfit and I am so glad with how it turned out! An Oversized Orange Hoodie, Gingham Flared Trousers and a standard Black Cross-Body Bag, can you actually go wrong? I think the Mules add the perfect finish to the look completing those streetstyle-esque vibes!
Outfit Details: 

2. Black Foral Mule - Here:
Everyone loves a bit of floral print in their life, especially during the Summer so that is why these "Floral Embroidered Mules" were right up my street. I adore the colours within the print which means they will go with a multitude of pieces! I decided to add these absolute beauties to a very urban look, clashing manly tee's with girly colours. The bright pink trousers really tie the floral mules into the entire look and because of their bright block colour, it blocks the clash between the print of the shoes and the slogan tee. Throw on an Over-sized Black Leather Jacket for the perfect urban vibes. (yes that is my fly open in some of these photos - Opps)
Outfit Details:

3. Tan Faux Fur Mule - Here:
And last but certainly not least I decided to go for another basic style of Mule but this time in a Tan colour. With it being Summer and my wardrobe looking a lot brighter, I thought a tan pair would go with a lot of pieces I have and I was right. They are the perfect addition to any look and change up your appearance in an instant. I just adore how bright they are and most importantly how expensive they look when they were 3924920 times cheaper than the real thing. Pairing them up with a Cobalt Blue Sweater and some Stripy Trousers, I don't think you could go wrong with a look like this!
Outfit Details:

So there you have it, 3 Shoes YOU NEED in your wardrobe this Summer from EGO Shoes.
Photos are by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from @thisboyknows on Instagram, check out his blog:

**This post is not sponsored by EGO Shoes but I was lucky enough to receive the shoes as a gift.**
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