Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The 22 Year Old Nana!

I like to be a little different, I was never born to just "fit in" and I am 100% ok with that! It has taken me forever to realise that I am perfectly fine the way I am and just because I don't act like many people the same age as me, that that is ok too. In my group of friends and in work I am known as the nana - honestly an 80 year old would have more get up and go for a social life more than I would. I never had a grĂ¡ for a night life and I much prefer to sit in on a Saturday Night watching Britains Got Talent than anything else. Some say I will regret it when I am older, that I didn't live a crazy youth but in all honesty I think I will actually appreciate it. I'll appreciate the fact that I accepted who I was at such a young age and didn't try to fit in like everyone else. I'll be thankful that I spent my youth doing the things I love, spending my time with the people who mean the most to me and for appreciating the quieter moments in life. I think in this day and age, it's so important for people to realise, especially the youth of today that you don't have to fit in, you don't have to be the same as that girl on Instagram with a million likes, that you don't have to be falling around in a nightclub on a Saturday night to enjoy your life. You weren't put on this earth to please others, you put here to please yourself! So take it from me, the 22 year old Nana, spend every minute of your life doing something you love and don't regret a single second of it! 
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