Monday, 22 May 2017

The Lost Two.

I think "The Lost Two" is a fairly apt title for the two of us. Meet my friend Lisa! I've been friends with Lisa since my very first day of Primary School, at just 4 years of age we bonded over our blonde bowl-haircuts, our inability to draw on the page in front of us and that little bit of a difference that was in us. Fast forward 18 years and here we are still as good friends as ever! From pretending to be Mary Poppins on slides, hiding in cabby houses to our love of fashion and attending the same College Course, we are quite literally two peas in a pod! What I love about our friendship is that we might not see or hear from each other for months but when we do meet up, nothing has ever changed! We were always the odd ones in school, we loved art and creating things and when we grew up that turned into a strong passion for all things fashion and creativity. I think if you ask anyone they will say you could never really pin point us - the two of us have notions. The direct college path was not right for either of us and 4 years later I think we are both happy to say we didn't follow the typical route. When you have a creative mind and soul you are always thinking up of new ideas, have crazy plans and most importantly, you know exactly who you are and what you want from life. With a rather mature head on both of us, I think it is fair to say we will be friends for life. Nothing motivates me more than a chat with Lisa and when you find a friend like that, you sure as hell don't let them go! 
Check out Lisa's blog here - Mode Map and follow her on Instagram: @lisacampionbarry 
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Photos again by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows. Check our his blog here and follow him on Instagram: @thisboyknows.
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