Monday, 19 June 2017

Boys Style!

You may notice I am not the girliest girl! Yeah I am a Makeup Artist and nothing makes me happier than a designer handbag but honestly when it comes to clothes, I think I shop in the men's section more! I like to be comfortable at all times, that includes my clothes. I can't hack walking around in tight fit dresses and high heels when I know I feel like "mutton dressed as lamb!". For years I tried to sway away from my different style and tried to dress the "norm" but in reality made myself 46386 times more uncomfortable than if I was just being me! It may sound stupid to some people but what I am wearing is a very important factor to how I feel that day - strange I know. I think it is only in recent months when being different is now celebrated rather than condemned that I have fully embraced being myself and I think it is so important for every single person to do the very same! Life is honestly too damn short to not be the truest you and you don't want to regret your life when your 80 years old! So take it from me, dress how you want, be who you want and live the life you want - nothing else really matters!
Outfit Details:

Photos by the very talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows - see his blog here: 
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