Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ClearTeen Braces - Q&A

Over 3 months ago I decided to go ahead and solve a problem that had been bugging me for years. Teeth are incredibly important to me and something I always looked after as I personally think they are the first thing you notice in a person. Unfortunately growing up I suffered from mature over-crowding and my bite being completely off and the older I am getting, the worse it is becoming! Working as a Makeup Artist and along with working as a Blogger in the Fashion Industry I was becoming incredibly conscious of my teeth and it was preventing me from actually doing a lot of work that I always wanted to do. 
I wanted to go with Clear Braces as even though I wanted my problem resolved, I wanted it done in the most discreet way possible. I was looking into the best place to go ahead with for my treatment and I came across Dr.Romana from Nenagh Dental and Orthodontic Clinic. I done a little bit of research and heard nothing but great reviews so I felt Dr.Romana was the best fit. From my first consultation to now where I am 5 weeks into my treatment, I have been completely at ease. Dr.Romana talked me through every single step and explained every bit of the process and what work needed to be done. 
If you have been following my social media channels you will know that I am absolutely loving my treatment and over the moon that I went ahead with it. I am becoming more and more confident every single day and CANNOT WAIT to see the final results. My Clear Teen Braces are basically invisible, no one ever knows I have them in and I almost forget I have them myself - definitely the best decision I have ever made. 
I have been asked a few questions about the whole Clear Teen Brace process so I put all the questions together for Dr.Romana and have them all answered below. If there is anything else you would like to know about Clear Teen Braces, you are more than welcome to pop me a message, other than that you can find all the information you may need over on the Clear Teen Page here
  1. Can anyone get Clear Teen braces for their teeth or are they only suitable for certain teeth problems? Anyone that is suitable for Orthodontic Treatment is suitable for treatment with Clear Teen/Invisalign Braces.
  2. How much do Clear Teen Braces Cost? Depending on the severity of your teeth, it ranges between €3700 - €4000.
  3. Are Clear Teen Braces painful? They are less painful than conventional train tracks, but as with any orthodontic treatment there is some mild discomfort but that usually passes within 2-3 days.
  4. How long do you have them for? Again this depends on the severity of the problem of your teeth. It can range from 6 months to 2 years.
  5. Can you eat and drink with them? You can only drink water and eat sugarless gum with them in otherwise they must be removed to eat or drink.
  6. Do you have to wear a retainer after your treatment? After any kind of orthodontic treatment, you must wear retainers! You will be provided with a set alongside your treatment. 
  7. Does the Clear Teen treatment end up weakening your teeth? Absolutely not! It is much healthier for your teeth than train tracks because you can brush your teeth properly. 
  8. If you suffer from lock jaw, will Clear Teen Braces affect that? Orthodontic treatment has no affect on the problems of TMJ, it doesn't make it better nor does it make it worse.
  9. Do you have to be a certain age to get Clear Teen Braces? Anybody at any age can be treated with Clear Teen Braces. Our youngest patient is 10 years old and our oldest is 69 years old.
  10. Why would you recommend Clear Teen Braces? I would recommend Clear Teen Braces because they are the most aesthetic way of moving your teeth, cause much less discomfort and are as effective as conventional train tracks. From my experience with my patients their oral hygiene improves while wearing Clear Teen Braces unlike with train tracks when it always gets worse. 
Find out more about Clear Teen Braces over on their Facebook Page here. 
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