Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Why I Almost Quit Blogging!

I feel like the last few posts on my blog have either been apologies for not blogging or reasons why I am blogging - I suppose it has been like that because I have been in a little (major) bit of a rut lately. I kind of felt like I lost my blogging mojo, I fell out of love with it! I have been putting so much pressure on myself lately to have more followers, to get more work, to only display the good side of this industry when in reality I have been struggling. Nearly 3 years ago I started my little ole blog as a hobby, somewhere to show looks that I loved, to push my style boundaries and more importantly to justify my shopping problem - majorly! But since this whole industry took off and thankfully so did my blog, I have been finding it a little bit hard to deal with the pressure. I kind of felt like my hobby has now turned into a chore which in reality isn't a nice thing to happen! My blog has always been my safe space, somewhere I can go to express myself in my little corner of the internet but for a while now my little corner has become a little cluttered and I have started to get claustrophobic! 
Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot thinking, there was even stage where I almost gave it all up but I snapped that idea right out of my head and decided to continue going forward but in a manner I was happy with! I started Love Life because I love fashion and I am going to continue it the same way! I have been given some absolutely AMAZING opportunities with Love Life and I am only excited to see where it can take me but from here on out, Love Life is going to be true to me. I won't be doing paid posts, content or work unless it is with brands I truly admire, love and support, I want everything to be 1000% ORGANIC! Meaning every single item on my blog is going to be because I love it, if I am promoting something it will genuinely mean I love it and most importantly I will be as true to myself as I can honestly be. I already feel a weight lifting off my shoulders and I can't wait to see where this new path takes me! At the end of the day, this industry is a lot of people's safe haven and at the moment I think it has become a little lost! I am very excited to go back to being original, to being me - I want to embrace my little quirks, not hide them away! So whether my following continues to grow or fall, whether opportunities come knocking at my door or disappear, I know that I remained being me and nothing in this world can make me happier! 
Be the best damn version of you!

Photos by the incredibly talented Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows, check out his photography on Instagram: @thisboyphotographys here.
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