Sunday, 13 August 2017

Autumn With Primark*

I am sure 99% of people are dreading the colder season coming in but I have never been happier to say farewell to Shorts and Crop Tops and hello to Oversized Sweaters and Ankle Boots. Nothing makes me happier than Autumn/Winter Fashion where tonnes of layers are acceptable, no skin has to be on show and oversized everything is a must. My go-too outfit for the colder season is definitely Mom Jeans and a Sweater of some sort, I just think it is a simple look that you can throw on in 10.2 seconds but you can also dress it up in an instant if needs be. Of course I had to do a one stop shop at Primark/Penneys recently to slowly transform my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn. First of all I picked up these gorgeous "Blue Denim Mom Jeans" from the ladies section for €23 I am almost certain, I am one of those girls that throw away tags and receipts the minute I buy anything so I apologise in advance for the prices etc not being 100% right! Primark is probably one of my favourite places to pick up jeans. They do so many different sizes, shapes and styles that there is something for everyone and since I adore a good High-Waist pair of Jeans I think their Mom Jeans are one of the best fit around. 
Now onto the top half of me - the Sweater. It wouldn't be me if I didn't take a trip to the mens section for Sweaters now would it? When I stumbled across their section of plain and simple Sweaters and Hoodies, I had to pick them up - IN ALL COLOURS, I REPEAT, ALL OF THEM, haha but for only €8/€11 they were an absolute bargain! They come in every colour from Black to Green but the Mustard, Red and Khaki had to be my favourite 3. They are the ideal pieces for keeping you warm and cosy along with staying bang on trend. Simple accessorising is all you need for looks like this and you will definitely see me living in looks like this, this Autumn/Winter. 
All pieces are available in Primark/Penneys Stores now. 
Jeans - €23 ll Sweaters - €8 ll Hoodies - €11 ll Baker Boy Hat - €6 ll Glasses - €4
Photos by Adam Coleman from This Boys Photography - website here.
This post is sponsored by Primark. 
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