Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Transitioning from Summer to A/W with Public Desire

I recently had the opportunity to write up & style up a post for my gals at Public Desire - See the whole post here.
Outfit Details:
Jumper - Zara (here) ll Trousers - Pull & Bear (here) ll Boots - Public Desire (here)
Boots were a gift from the team at Public Desire.
Photos by Adam Coleman from This Boy Knows, see his website here.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My Little Corner Of The Internet.

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH to all you beautiful souls for the kind words, messages etc to my last blog post and more importantly for my little Instagram Haul the other day. I am literally the biggest introvert in the world unless I am comfortable with you so to get such an amazing response for stepping outside my comfort zone with my blog is such an incredible feeling - I love all you lovely people. It still baffles me why so many of you read my blog, follow my social media channels and just support me. I don't think I will ever stop thanking you all because at the end of the day I am just a young girl from a small town following her dream from behind her computer screen - it is crazy!
I hope it comes across in my posts that I have my blog for my simple love of fashion and clothes. I don't do it for the likes, the comments, the lovely messages from people and the opportunities to work with amazing brands, that is all just a tremendous bonus that I am so incredibly grateful for. Even if no one followed me, I would still have my lovely little corner of the internet - I would probably change the name though! I am a very anxious, introverted person by nature and as silly as it may sound, clothes help me express the person I really am. I can be whoever I want when I am deciding what to wear, whether it is street style, dolled up or completely casual look, what I wear prepares me for the day ahead. I take pride in what I wear, it honestly makes me incredibly happy. 
That being said I hope you all continue to love my blog, enjoy reading my posts and I hope that the content I create inspires you all to follow your dreams. I want to prove that the odd girl in school growing up can make it. 
Outfit Details:
Cardigan - River Island ll Pants - Zara ll Top - New Look (Similar) ll Shoes - Vans ll Backpack - Michael Kors (Similar)
Photos by the incredible Adam Coleman from This Boy Knows. See his website here. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I Wish Someone Told Me In School.

A slightly different post for me today and one I never thought I would share. Just before the end of the last school year I was invited back to my old school to give a talk about my life since school at the Student Awards Night. I was asked to be completely open, honest and frank to both the students, parents and their teachers. You can imagine how petrified I was laying it bare for everyone to hear but the response I got from the talk was incredible. It was a talk I wish someone had given me when I was in school panicking over what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so that being said I decided to share it with all of you today! I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on it. 
Outfit Details:
Jumper - Zara ll Pants - Quiz Clothing ll Boots - Public Desire ll Glasses: Ace & Tate

"Please excuse me if I stutter or end up talking 90 thousand miles an hour up here because I am absolutely kacking it. For someone who could actually talk the ear off a stone wall one on one, a big crowd is a slightly different situation.
Let me start by introducing myself because some of you may have absolutely no idea who I am and why I am here tonight. My name is Niamh Webb O’Rourke and I am a 22 year old Blogger, Digital Influencer, Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur in my own right. I sat my leaving cert in 2013 here in Colaiste Iosaef which seems like a lifetime ago now but none the less the fear I felt around it is still evidently fresh in my mind.
When Mr.Kelly got in touch with me awhile ago to come back and give a small talk here tonight to share my story, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity but then I actually sat back and wondered what in the name of god will I say to you all tonight. What could I possibly say to any of you that will help you in any shape or form as tonight is about celebrating your achievements, celebrating something you have worked so hard for and most importantly feeling incredibly proud of yourself.
I remember sitting here at this very awards ceremony 4 years ago stressing about what award am I up for? Will I even win one? And what would be said about me if I didn’t? Now bare this in mind before I start my story, I did not win Student of the Year, I did not win the Principle’s award, I actually ended up winning nothing that year and did it phase me? At the time yes, but standing here today, absolutely not! Remember every single one of us here tonight, including myself are a work in progress, none of us are above the other, we are just a group of people waking up every day, working hard to achieve their goals.
It was this very week, 4 years ago I decided to take the unconventional route after my leaving cert by taking a year out. To be honest, even a few years back this was completely unheard of unless you were going to the army, joining the guards or moving abroad, but taking a year out before actually going to college was almost unacceptable. I remember sharing my decision with my peers, teachers and family and while some were unsupportive of the idea and thought I was going to waste my time, I was lucky enough to have a small group around me who supported every decision I made, especially my parents and brother. I knew a 4 year college degree in a big institution was just not for me and to be honest I had zero idea what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life, so there was no way I was just starting something for the sake of it. 
Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely studied the shite out of it for my exams as I knew if I ever wanted to go back to college that I still needed a strong leaving cert under me. So I sat my exams, celebrated finishing with my friends, waited anxiously for my results, was lucky enough to be offered all the courses I had applied for on my CAO but decided to differ my first choice in LIT for the year and actually go ahead with my year out.
Then it hit me, what was I going to do with my time, all my friends were starting this exciting new chapter and I felt like I was being left behind, it is probably the worst feeling for an 18 year old at that moment in time. I was lucky enough to have a part time job in River Island so that occupied the majority of my days, it meant I had my own money so I was remotely financially independent from my parents but it also gave me the freedom to try new things out. Now when I say I took a year out from education, I didn’t completely separate myself from the whole schooling side of things. I took part in two year long evening courses twice a week in areas I always just considered my hobbies and never in a million years thought twice about turning them into my actual career.
My year out was a ball, I was still living the College Night Life with my friends, I was working away and enjoying my evening courses and shopping to my hearts content! It was towards the end of my year out I saw that there was a whole new platform growing online called “Fashion Blogging” and with a strong love for fashion I decided I wanted to be part of it. Now never in a million years did I think it would go anywhere but I believed in myself enough at the time that I could make something out of it and from there on I never looked back. Fast forward 3 years and here I am today with an actual proper, fully fledged Fashion Blog which has now turned into an actual grown-up business, Social Media platforms with a following of over 50,000+ followers, over 1.5 million blog views, the first youngest digital influencer signed to the Andrea Roche Agency, named the No.1 Most Fashionable Girl to follow on Instagram in Ireland, the Face of L’Oreals new Colorista Range for Europe, working with Global brands such a Primark, River Island, MissGuided, PrettyLittleThing to name a few on a weekly basis and have also been giving the opportunity to travel to Paris, LFW and Edinburgh with my friends doing the job I love the most, all because I believed in myself enough 3 years ago.
Now don’t get me wrong, there has been times I have wanted to give it all up, wouldn’t my life be so much easier with just a normal 9-5 job or if I went down the traditional route after school, why was I putting all this pressure on myself at such a young age but then I reminded myself that I have worked for it. I never wasted a single day of my life and that is something in itself I know I can be completely proud of.
I like to call my lifestyle the Hannah Montana Lifestyle because at times I feel like I am living a double life – literally. The blog may be the glam side of things but with all of that I worked part-time in different fields and most recently have ended up getting a full-time position with my dream company, I took part and qualified in 6 different diploma courses along with just recently finishing up my college degree in Marketing Management which I done at night-time as a fall back plan so you could say the last 4 years have been an absolute rollercoaster.
Something a lot of you won’t know is that in the midst of all that, I struggled with my mental health big time and I always have but growing up it was a topic that was never discussed but thankfully in recent years it has been okay’ed in society to talk about it but I just wish that was the case a few years back. I had absolutely crippling Anxiety and it stopped me from actually “LIVING” my life for a few years to the point that I actually broke, I mentally broke down and ended up having to take a step back from everything because my physical and mental health suffered. I ended up having to go to intense counseling to put the pieces of me back together and realize that even though the world can be a cruel place at times, that I have one life and no way in hell was I letting the damaging voice in my head, or the brutality of the 21st century break me. So slowly but surely I am getting there, I will never say I am fully healed because I think you never fully recover from a mental health illness, it’s something you learn to live with and manage to keep at bay. I just wish that back when I was in school, that there was the facilities to talk about things like there is now. So on a side not, whether you’re a student or a parent, a teacher or a coach, if you don’t feel right, talk to someone, there is always someone there to listen. I have lived it from both sides of the spectrum and thankfully I am able to positively speak about it today but if I didn’t eventually break and open up to someone, would I be here today, I don’t know!
I suppose the point of what I am trying to say tonight is to believe in yourself, to take risks and immerse yourself in every single opportunity that is presented to you. Whether it is going to college to become a doctor, joining the army, taking a year out or even just deciding to join your local soccer team because you really want to – do it! No one has the right to tell you that you can’t and if they do, do it to prove them wrong but most importantly do it to prove yourself right. If you’re struggling at a subject in school, put in those extra few hours to figure out what your finding difficult. Don’t waste hours a day being glued to phones or bitching with your friends because you are actually only adding negativity to your own life. The small moments pass you by in a flash and you will soon realize they were the big ones. You don’t want to be sitting in a chair at 80 years of age regretting all the things you didn’t do growing up and the only actual person you ever need to believe in you, is yourself - nothing else matters.
Take it from me, it feels like it was only last year I was putting on that lovely blue uniform for the first time in Transition Year, I can remember every single detail about my first day in Colaiste Iosaef and here I am 7 years later talking about it. So whether you’re in first year or your final few days of 6th year, make the most of it. I used to laugh when people said to me that “school is the best days of your life” but I am on the other side and I could not agree more. Don’t ever make yourself out to be better than the person beside you, we all came into this world the same way and we’re all leaving it the same way. Appreciate waking up every single day, because I think event’s like that awful bombing in Manchester on Monday is proof that you have no idea what is ahead of you.
So yes I am here this evening to talk about my success so far but I am nowhere near finished improving myself and I don’t think I will ever be. The world is quite literally your oyster – make the most of it! Thank you!"
Photos by the amazingly talented Adam Coleman from

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Busiest Week Of My Life - Manchester with Missy Empire & Electric Picnic

So after what feels 7204729 years I am FINALLY getting the chance to sit down at my laptop and get back into blog posts and planning! Last week I began my 2 weeks holidays from work and I planned on making them completely jam-packed, which they have been! The first of holidays was completely mental from just catching up on general life bits that I had been slacking on since starting work full-time to cleaning out my room and wardrobe, I was just crazy busy! 
On the Wednesday I was lucky enough to be taken over to Manchester with MissyEmpire to their headquarters to do some "Live" Instagram Videos, style up some looks and lots more! It was a very quick 24 hour trip but a very exciting one and I am over the moon with how it went. I was no sooner home from Manchester and I had to repack my bag and head to Electric Picnic with Aussie Hair. My whole family were going to the festival too and since I was there the previous year I was very excited to go! It was an absolutely AMAZING weekend despite the crazy weather and heading their with Aussie Hair was an absolute treat. 
Of course I was continuously updating all my travels over on my Instagram and Insta-Stories (@niamh_lovelife) but if you missed them I have some snaps from the week here. 
See more on my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife
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