Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My Little Corner Of The Internet.

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH to all you beautiful souls for the kind words, messages etc to my last blog post and more importantly for my little Instagram Haul the other day. I am literally the biggest introvert in the world unless I am comfortable with you so to get such an amazing response for stepping outside my comfort zone with my blog is such an incredible feeling - I love all you lovely people. It still baffles me why so many of you read my blog, follow my social media channels and just support me. I don't think I will ever stop thanking you all because at the end of the day I am just a young girl from a small town following her dream from behind her computer screen - it is crazy!
I hope it comes across in my posts that I have my blog for my simple love of fashion and clothes. I don't do it for the likes, the comments, the lovely messages from people and the opportunities to work with amazing brands, that is all just a tremendous bonus that I am so incredibly grateful for. Even if no one followed me, I would still have my lovely little corner of the internet - I would probably change the name though! I am a very anxious, introverted person by nature and as silly as it may sound, clothes help me express the person I really am. I can be whoever I want when I am deciding what to wear, whether it is street style, dolled up or completely casual look, what I wear prepares me for the day ahead. I take pride in what I wear, it honestly makes me incredibly happy. 
That being said I hope you all continue to love my blog, enjoy reading my posts and I hope that the content I create inspires you all to follow your dreams. I want to prove that the odd girl in school growing up can make it. 
Outfit Details:
Cardigan - River Island ll Pants - Zara ll Top - New Look (Similar) ll Shoes - Vans ll Backpack - Michael Kors (Similar)
Photos by the incredible Adam Coleman from This Boy Knows. See his website here. 
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