Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I May Never Take It Off!

I have been sorta slacking on blog posts recently (I seem to be saying that a lot lately) but my personal life has just gotten a little crazy. Working full time and balancing my blog has started to take it's toll so I needed to take a step back for myself for awhile. I am such a creative soul and put so much pressure on myself to create perfect content for my blog - I never want to be known as someone who just sticks up "Instagram Photos". I want my posts to tell you all a story and give you all a little insight into my life and why I love fashion as much as I do. That being said, being a perfectionist means the smallest task takes a long time for me and with very limited free time available, I end up kicking my posts to the side, making myself feel like a constant disappointment. I am not this size zero, popular girl - I am me. I am strange in my own way, the furtherest thing from a girly girl, I struggle with my size and appearance like everyone else and I express myself through what I wear - it's who I am and that is the me I want you all to know. 
I suppose in a way what I am trying to say is, I wish I had more time to create blog content but posts are going to be "few and far between" for the next while as work gets busier and I continue to work on myself. I am so lucky that I have the loveliest people reading my posts and sending me some wonderful messages - it means the world. One day soon I will juggle everything properly but until then enjoy my very scattered blog life. 
Outfit Details:
Faux Fur Jacket - Here ll Jumper - Here ll Jeans - Here (All Boohoo.com)
Trainers - Here ll Glasses - Here 

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