Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Faux Fur of Dreams from PrettyLittleThing

I think it is fair to say that I have an unprecedented obsession to faux fur coats this A/W - they are just the dream! So it really was no surprise that when I spotted this "Pink & Navy" beauty on PrettyLittleThing that I had to own it! Can someone say glam or what? Honestly I felt like an absolute queen strolling around in it, just a pity it wasn't the streets of New York I was walking. At first I was actually a bit hesitant to wear it because it is such a stand out piece that I knew I would receive a few unwelcoming stares but I said to myself "forget it and wear what you want!" I think that is the very purpose of my blog Love Life, to encourage people to wear what they want, express themselves in their style and to not give a hoot of what people say or think of them! I know I always harp on about it but style is such a personal thing that it takes a lot of balls to be yourself with it but once you do, you will never regret it! Personally I think PrettyLittleThing are the epitome of this reasoning and it is one of the main reasons I adore the brand! They encourage you to push boundaries like no other & what is not to love about that! 
Now onto the look, styling up a statement piece like this amazing faux fur beauty, you need to be careful with what you pair it with! You could go wild with a few clashing prints & textures like I have done above or you could also keep it quite calm and simple - it's up to you! I wanted to make a little bit of a bigger statement with this look so of course a "Slogan Tee" which you can't really see in these photos was a must! I wanted to keep the bottom half quite sophisticated so my "Navy Pinstripe Pants" were a crucial piece. Tying up the entire colour scheme with some "Pastel Block Boots" which are BEYOND comfortable and to finish it off with the new LOVE OF MY LIFE, my "Marc Jacobs Crossbody" - isn't it beautiful?
PrettyLittleThing have the most AMAZING pieces it is crazy! They are always my one stop shop for online shopping especially with their amazing Dress Collection which is where I pick up 99.9% of my going out outfits - what is not to love about them! See their website & Dress Collection here. 

Outfit Details:

Photos by Adam Coleman - This Boy Knows. See his blog here.
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