Sunday, 3 December 2017

Chapter 12/12

I can't actually believe we are in December and I am here writing one of my last posts of 2017. To say that this year has been the most mental year of my life is an understatement, from going to London with L'Oreal as the Irish Face of Colorista to Disneyland with Primark, from starting a new job I love to graduating from my College Degree and everything else in between - 2017 has been the ultimate rollercoaster! I must say that it has been the year that has made me realise who I want to be and how to be the type of person that I can be proud of! In general I am the biggest introvert around but this year has pushed me out of my comfort zone to discover new places and also to test me when I least expected it. It has also been the year that has shown me the actual potential out there for my little corner of the internet, Love Life dipped it's toes into the influence it could potentially have on the internet world and for that alone I am so incredibly proud of both my blog and myself. I have some big ideas for the future of Love Life for the new year and I cannot wait to put my ideas into action. 
On a more personal note, 2017 has thought me how important it is to have time on your own and to certainly not follow the path of what "You should be doing..."! On a daily basis I am asked "Are you going out much? Do you have a boyfriend? You're 22, why don't you have one?" and so on. I am sure I am not the only 22 year old girl in this position but my god people - it is the 21st century, can a girl not be her own boss lady and follow her own dreams instead of searching for "Mr.Right". I think fairytales have given the wrong idea of how life "should be" and how no woman is complete without a man in her life, women do not need to depend on a man, END OF! I have the rest of my life to worry about that, this is my time to follow my dreams and do what is right for ME! Times are changing, no one has to have the perfect job by 27 and be married with kids by the time they are 30, if you're only starting to grow up at 42 then good for you! If you are still figuring out what you want to do with your life that is perfectly ok - just remember it is your life to live, absolutely no one else's. 
The thoughts of 2018 gives me goosebumps, I set myself goals for 2017 some that I achieved and some that I didn't but I am beyond proud of how far I have come, I have some MAJOR GOALS for 2018 that I cannot wait to share! Always remember "No Dream Is Too Big - Believe in yourself". 
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Photos taken by Adam Coleman from ThisBoyKnows, see his website here. 

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