Monday, 1 October 2018

October 1st With Primark*

It's officially my absolute favourite time of the year - AT LONG LAST! I know people will be saying to stop wishing my life away but honestly there is just something about the last 3 months of every year that excites me. It's the darker evenings and the colder breeze, the fire consistently lighting and the crisp morning freeze - I just absolutely adore it! Not to mention the fact I am an Autumn/Winter dresser through and through so I am beyond happy to see the back of shorts and tee's - GIVE ME ALL THE COATS! Over the last few weeks I have been adding to my A/W Wardrobe, a bit excessively may I add but I think it's nice to add a few new pieces to you're wardrobe each season especially with key pieces. I have an addiction when it comes to Coats during A/W, like I can completely justify every new purchase of one despite the fact I may have one already very similar. I just think we are in for a very cold Winter this year and I am not complaining in the slightest about it. One shop that has outdone themselves so far this season with Coats and more is Primark. I picked up this amazing "Brown Teddy Coat" over the weekend for only €35 - an absolute steal and I had my eye on a Zara one that was very similar and it was literally triple the price. So as you can imagine I skipped to the till with this beauty in my hands. I actually have my eye on one or two more Coats from Primark that are in store at the moment so I will have to get my hands on them before it is too late. Trust me, Primark is the place you need to go to stock up your A/W Wardrobe this season.
October is so special to me too because I really feel like it is around this time of the year that I really come into myself and who I truly am. The last few months have been extremely hard for me but I am at the better of it now and have worked very hard to get to where I am right now. Some family members were sick and that really took it's toll on me personally. You also may or may not know, but I suffer extremely bad with my Anxiety, especially Social Anxiety. Let's just say I don't prosper if I am in a crowded situation (that's just the beginning of it). Over the last 3-4 years, I have been working very hard on my difficult relationship with my anxiety going to counselling, exercise, crying it out to medication - trying to figure out what helps me deal with it best. You never exactly get rid of Anxiety, you just learn to deal with it better and find different ways to manage any situation you are in. During the summer, I was struggling and I mean struggling big time. Getting up for work was becoming a challenge, I would cry over any situation, have a panic attack at the drop of a hat, go into myself and shut out the entire world to staying awake all night because my head would never switch off. I felt like a walking, talking zombie and something needed to change for me. I am beyond lucky and I mean beyond lucky to have such supportive parents, who literally back my brother and I until they are blue in the face. We decided between us that finishing up in work and taking some time out to work on my head and deal with my anxiety was the only way forward. Now I was actually supposed to go back to College this September and I was all set to go but that had to be pushed to the side until I got on top of everything and dealt with my underlying issues. You may have noticed I was quieter than ever online and on my blog and that has been the reason, Social Media isn't the best place to spend you're time when you are battling with you're own head so I had to take a step back and I am a better person for it. 
Jump forward to now, almost 10 weeks out of work, spending continuous time working on myself and getting a routine to suit me - I finally feel like myself again. I have started to go out with my friends, feel remotely comfortable in crowded areas, go on blog trips and even push myself outside my comfort zone which may seem like small steps to others but are milestones to me. I have found ways to deal with my anxiety and medication that suits me and I can honestly say I feel like the best version of myself, something that I haven't felt in a long long time. Now I would still like to get my lazy arse back into the gym but once step at a time, haha. I am starting a new job this week which I am very excited about as I finally feel ready for work and ready to tackle a new routine. 
People often ask me am I embarrassed of my situation and is that the reason I don't speak about it, but the truth is - I am not even in the slightest bit embarrassed. Initially 4 years back, I would have bottled everything up and not mentioned it to anyone but now I really don't care. It's my scar I carry and I for one am proud of it! Anxiety is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life but it also makes me ME! I am very lucky to have a close knit of people around me who understand and appreciate me at my very best and at my very worst and they are the type of people I plan on always having around me. I can honestly say you should never hide who you are to make people like you because if you do, then those people don't really deserve you in the first place. 
I think what I am trying to say is, never judge someone from the life they show online and listen to you're head and how you're feeling. If you had a broken arm you would do everything in you're power to fix it, the same goes for you're mental health - you need to look after you first! So here it too a never-ending collection of Coats, Halloween Nights Out and the countdown to Christmas because I have a feeling the rest of 2018 is going to be magic!
Outfit Details:
Coat - Primark (in stores now) l Jumper & Trousers - Zara l Boots - Dr.Martens l Bag: Marc Jacobs l Sunglasses - Rayban
This post is sponsored by Primark.
More photos over on my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Signing Out Of Festival Season with PLT

I am so incredibly lucky that I get the chance to work with the AMAZING on a regular basis. It honestly is a brand that continuously blows my mind for embracing all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and so much more. I am beyond lucky to work with a brand with such incredible value. Fortunately, PLT recently dressed me for the Electric Picnic Festival earlier this month and I wrote a little post all about it. See my "Signing Out Of Festival Season" with PLT on their website here.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Electric Picnic 2018 with Aussie

What a weekend - I AM DEAD! Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Electric Picnic for the 3rd year in a row with my favourite Aussie Hair Gals. Honestly it is always a weekend to remember despite the absolute hormonal weather you experience and the endless miles you end up walking. EP is literally another world - there is no words that could describe it and I honestly would recommend everyone to attend it at some stage in their life. From 3 to 80 - every age goes! From the acts to the comedy, the laughs to the hangovers - it is honestly a weekend you will always cherish. 
This year was my 3rd year going and I was lucky enough that a lot of my family went to the festival too. My Dad and myself have gone together for the last few years and he is like a child at Christmas there, he just loves it and it is no surprise that he does - it is just incredible. This year in my opinion was just the best! From Sigrid to Dua Lipa, Picture This to George Ezra - the line up was incredible from start to finish. I danced my little legs off, sang at the top of my lungs and laughed until my sides hurt. 
What also made the weekend so special was the amazing Aussie Girl Gang I got to go with. They were honestly the sweetest bunch of girls you could ever meet and I know I have made friends for life with them - my absolute soul sisters (I will link all their Instagram's below).
I could honestly sit here chatting all night about my weekend at EP but I think everyone and their mothers are sick of hearing about everyone who went to it, so instead I will have all the links to my outfits from the weekend below. I was lucky enough to work with my favourites at to style up some of their pieces as part of my festival looks. 
I just want to say a massive thank you to Aussie Hair for bringing me to EP again this year - I have memories that I will cherish forever and I am already excited for next years trip!
Aussie Girl Gang Instagrams:
Outfit Details:


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Street Style to Day Wear with JD Sports

If you've been following me for sometime now, you will know that my go too clothing is Oversized Sweaters and Hoodies - they are just the comfiest items of clothing you could own but often they are seen as lounge clothes or something you wouldn't exactly style up for a day out. Now I have to disagree with that as I personally think styling them up with the right pieces is how you achieve the perfect streetstyle-esque vibe. 
Taking something as simple as this "Adidas Originals Crew Neck - shop here" that I picked up last week in JD Sports. It is the ideal oversized mens piece but I have styled it up in an appropriate way for anyone to wear at any occasion. "Funky Suit Style Pants" are the ideal piece to pair this with as it adds a classic twist to a relaxed look. Get something with a similar colour pattern but with a clashing print to add a real fashion vibe to it. To keep with the whole relaxed look. I also paired it with an massively "Oversized Black Satin Bomber" as I always tend to stick with oversized pieces on top and then fitted pieces on the bottom - it's just a style rule I tend to follow always. Comfort like I said before is number one for me so of course a pair of trainers were a must. I also picked up these "Nike Air Force 1's in White and Black - shop here" in JD's during the week and I think they may be my new favourite pair of trainers. Simple and understated but go with absolutely EVERYTHING and they are possibly the comfiest shoes I own. Can you ever go wrong with a new pair of trainers? 
Looks like this where you mix street style and daily wear are my go too looks. It's comfort and glam all rolled into one and a look you will continually see me wearing forever more. 
Adidas Sweater & Nike Trainers were kindly gifted to me by JD Sports - see their website here.


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

#LoveLifeTravels - Amsterdam Photo Diary

It's been a hot minute since I actually went to Amsterdam back in June but I just didn't manage to get anything up on my trip since then! I was lucky enough to travel to Amsterdam for a little city break back in June with my parents which I absolutely loved. 4 days in the quirkiest and most unique city I have ever been too - it was an absolute joy. If you follow my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife you will know I got to see a lot of amazing places while I was there which you can see on Instagram's Highlight Reel but in all honesty - we just kind of winged our trip. We hadn't anything preplanned or booked in advance which was a little downfall for us but it still all worked out none the less. A good few people have asked me advice on places to go and things to do so I decided to leave that to the Amsterdam experts - Emer from PenneystoPrada, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here, and then of course Lauren from LoveLauren who has actually just moved to Harlem just outside Amsterdam City, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here. The girls give you such a great insight into one of my favourite places ever and were the two people I went to when I needed any travel advice for my trip so definitely check them out. 
I did fortunately though take a tonne of photos from the trip which I have all shown below if you would like to get a great feel of what the beautiful city of Amsterdam is like. 

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