Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A Love/Hate Story

Can you actually deal with the weather we have at the moment here in Ireland - it is SENSATIONAL! You would 1000% think you were abroad when you step out your front door. That being said us Irish aren't cut out for this heat so there is a lot of "Jesus, it's too warm out there today" going around but then again do we ever stop complaining about the weather, good or bad? I currently have two days off work and I am going to do my utter best to enjoy the weather and not burn like a crisp with my pasty white skin. 
On another note, I am back with my monthly blog post - are you sick of me saying that at this stage? Life and Work has just become a priority for me this year and to be honest, I am enjoying not living 99% of my life online like I have in the last few years. I am at that stage in my life where I really want to focus on my career, my personal happiness and also my privacy. The online world leaves you open to everything and to be honest I am just not cut out for that anymore. There has also been a lot of negative energy around bloggers in Ireland the last few months and it is not something I ever want to be part of. I feel like the actions of a few have tarred us all with the one brush and that couldn't be more wrong. I could actually harp on all day about this but I think Retro Flame who has ALWAYS been one of my biggest blogger inspirations nails it on the head in her recent post here. I honestly think if your in this industry to make a quick buck and not to honestly inspire someone, you are in it for the wrong reasons and I am going to leave that there.
This month I was also lucky enough to be given the chance to collaborate with one of my favourite brands H&M which is an absolute dream come true. They kindly gifted me a few pieces to style up with one being this very look. I absolutely adore H&M for their boho style dresses, suits and of course skirts because I think they just nail them on the head but I have a very much love/hate relationship with their trousers so I just stay well away from them. This look SCREAMS ME, I personally think so anyway. A bohemian styled dress is always my go-too in the Summer, they are just so light and airy but you still somehow manage to look put together. I wanted to edge it up with a brightly coloured tee underneath and of course another oversized denim jacket had to be added to the look. Lately, I have become much more comfortable with my own personal style and I think once your confident in who you are that it just shines through you. It also helps that I absolutely ADORE this look and I honestly think it's the sassiest I have ever felt. You can shop all the H&M Pieces here and I will have a few more looks coming to the blog soon too.
With all that being said, I think it is fair to say that my blog posts will continue to be far and few in between, I just want to write when I am inspired to do so and not when I feel like I have to. There is going to be a big shift in this industry soon and I personally feel like it is needed - until then you can continue following me making a life for myself here or over on my Instagram @niamh_lovelife.
Also a big thank you to one of my best friends Adam Coleman from for being the best photographer, friend and all around motivator - I mean we shot this in my Grandfathers Storeroom, THE BOY IS TALENTED!! 
This post is in no way sponsored but the pieces of clothing were kindly gifted by H&M Press Office. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Season Two.

I am back with my monthly blog post - how bad is it that I am saying monthly at this stage but oh well, that's life. On a brighter note (for once) I can finally say I think I am starting 2018 properly now, just 5 months later, haha - we all need a trial run, right? I kind of lost myself a little this year and that had a knock-on effect to every part of my life but after meeting some amazing friends and inspiring people recently that have motivated me to follow my passions and pursue my dreams again - I think I am finally on the right track! Personally I think early 20's is such a difficult and confusing time, half of us are just out of college, not knowing what the next step is while the rest of us are just floating about day by day, not knowing what path to follow, I think that is the category I fit into for the majority of this year. I am normally such a motivated individual but my skills have been slacking as of late - I just hadn't been feeling it. I think people often have these misconceptions of people who put a part of their lives on social media (which is actually like 5% of their real lives), people often think we are so confident, cocky and careless but in the most cases that couldn't be more wrong. I for one am certainly not one of those people and I am thankful I'm not. This online world that we spend so much time on is all behind the screen of a iPhone, Ipad or Laptop - you can be the polar opposite online to who you are in person and no one would ever know. So just be careful not to judge someone who you follow online so quickly - you don't know the real them! AND THAT IS YOUR NEW LIFE LESSON FROM NIAMH LOVE LIFE, haha.
On a much happier and brighter note, the next few weeks are very exciting and I think it is exactly what I need. I am starting my new job next week with Young Contemporary in Brown Thomas. Basically I will be up on the Fashions Floor with incredible brands such as Ganni, Rixo, Calvin Klein and SO MANY MORE exciting ones on the way. Fashion is my true love, I love being able to express myself in what I wear and I adore helping others feel amazing in an outfit too - nothing brings me more joy! So I am finally going back to my roots and I am very excited to start this next chapter - so for all your outfit needs and questions, holla at me! Along with that I am also heading to Amsterdam with my parents for a city break in a few weeks and it couldn't come at a better time. I cannot wait to hop on a plane and explore a city I have always dreamed of visiting especially with my parents by my side. My head has gone into overdrive with outfit planning, the excitement!
So as you can see, life has taken a turn for the best and I am beyond grateful for every opportunity headed my way and that some people are willing to take a chance on me. As one chapter closes, leaving amazing memories, a great job with people I will always cherish and some friends behind, I am very excited to turn the page to what the next chapter holds. I truly believe if you put good thoughts out into the world, you will reap endless rewards & as I always say:
"Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Sassy, BE YOU!"
All photos are from my Instagram Page @niamh_lovelife - you will find all the outfit details from every look there. 
Also I am absolutely OBSESSED with my new Mi Moneda Chain which is the top one in the photo below - a few people have asked me about it so here is the link to it - here, here & here. I have my eye on so many more, they are FAB!


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Life Update 2.0 - Faith, Opportunities & Materialistic Expectations.

My god 2018 has been a weird one so far, I mean I was beyond motivated at the start of the year, jumping on the "New Year, New Me" Bandwagon and here I am 4 months on as unmotivated as ever! I had so many plans in my head that I wanted to execute but somehow along the way I lost my drive to put them into action. Life has been an absolute rollercoaster since my last blog post (I am not even going to apologise again for the 1638346 time for the delay) but hey what can I do! I've learned a lot over the last 6 weeks and if they have thought me ANYTHING, it is that tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone so if an opportunity arises - take it! We got some pretty bad news a few weeks back that put absolutely everything into perspective for me and in some way I feel like I am just finding out who I really am again. Without sounding like I am away with the birds because a normal 23 year old would never talk about it really but I feel like I am finding my faith again after drifting away from my beliefs for a long time, as I don't agree with a lot of actions but I have found myself more than ever taking comfort in it and in some way finding my way back to my faith - it's weird how life throws curveballs in your direction isn't it? While materialistic aspects of my life always used to seem extremely important to me, now they just seem so small in comparison. Memories are what you can cherish forever and I really want to create ones I will always remember. 
With so many things happening in the world right now, especially here in Ireland with "Repeal the 8th" Referendum approaching - I think it is only time my generation fought for what we believe in. I normally keep quite quiet on things and I am not going to force my opinion on anyone as that is not fair because everyone has the right to make their own choice but isn't that exactly what "Repeal the 8th" is about? Giving us women the right to make our OWN CHOICE over our OWN BODIES. I'm not going to say much more but just remember to Register to Vote before May 8th. The upcoming referendum on May 25th is the most crucial one our generation could face so let your voice make a difference.
Onto slightly lighter things - this month was also the month we finally held our "The Whole Shebang" Charity Event and what a success it was! Over 10k Euro raised to donate to 4 very well deserving charities that are close to everyones heart and for that I will never be able to thank everyone for their generosity for "The Whole Shebang" from the donations, to spot prizes, to helping hands and so much more - it was a day I will never forget. 
I have some pretty big life changes over the next month or so, with a career change which I am absolutely terrified but extremely excited about, some travelling with my family and also seeing the fruits of my Dad's 9 Year Developments coming to life which I am incredibly proud of him for - there is so much to cherish at this moment in time. I tend to take my life for granted at times, not living in the present but I tell you if this year has thought me ANYTHING so far it is that I am going to thank my lucky stars every night for the life I am living. 
So if you take anything from me today, live in the present, let your voice be heard and cherish every moment you get because some day it will all become a distant memory. 
More photos over on my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife

Friday, 6 April 2018

The Trench Life*

Yes I know I am late with this blog post but unfortunately life threw a shit stick in my direction recently so I am currently writing this from the comfort of my bed, smothered with a flu and a very anxious mind but regardless of all that, the fashion world must go on.
As you may know from the previous 1748347934 blog posts and Instagrams - that I am a BIG PENNEYS (PRIMARK) FAN. I personally think you can't get style on a budget as good anywhere else and this "Camel Trench Coat" is just the piece to prove my point. I have been on the hunt for the perfect trench coat for the longest time, one that is not too heavy or too long. One that will see me through Spring/Summer but also one that won't cost me a small fortune. Now while online browsing, I stumbled across a few I absolutely loved but they were the equivalent of a weeks wage and I ain't going to part with that kind of money for a damn trend piece - sorry now! Trench Coats are a popular trend this Spring/Summer for the simple reason they add an immediate classy look but can also be styled up quite edgy too. 
For this look I wanted to keep everything else relatively simple with some basic "Black Mom Jeans" and a "Black Polo" which are also from Penneys at an absolute steal. To finish off the look and to continue that nautical theme, these "Gingham Slingbacks" were a must. Now I have recently been told they are the ugliest shoes in the world but I adore them - simple as. A simple, understated look like this will bring you from day to night in an instant which of course is an added bonus. I personally think a Trench Coat like this is such a statement piece for everyone to have in their wardrobe and will see you through a multitude to seasons. 
Outfit Details:
Trench Coat €19 ll Jeans - €19 ll Black Polo - €6 ll Shoes - €6
Available in Primark/Penneys Stores now
This Post is Sponsored by Primark/Penneys
Photos by Adam Coleman of This Boy Knows Photography - see his Instagram here. 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Photos That Never Made Instagram.

It's March 25th 2018 and it is almost 6 weeks since my last blog post and to be honest I am really disappointed in myself that I left it go that long but I kind of just fell out of the whole blogging world. I have been working a lot in my daily job so when I come home after a long day, I am too tired to try think up of a post - when did I become a 90 year old? There has been a lot going on in my personal life too (like everyone) so that takes priority of course. In all honesty I haven't just been feeling "it" this year, I have so many plans , dreams and ideas but don't have the time to execute them which can kind of put a dampener on the whole thing and pause your dreams. Of course I love curating the perfect images for Instagram (UN: @niamh_lovelife), but with that comes a lot of pressure and a lot of doubt that if the interaction isn't automatically high initially - I instantly delete it. While I absolutely adore my blog and the little world I have created, I think there is a lot of pressure nowadays to lead this "Perfect Instagram Life" as an extremely high standard is visibly set by much bigger bloggers/influencers and in reality 99.9% of us everyday people can't have or afford that life - not to mind those of us trying to make it in that industry and it automatically turns us off it because it's a world not achievable to us all. 
I am lucky in a way that I have a small circle of people in this industry that I enjoy surrounding myself with - people that I know understand the stress, struggles and joy of trying to reach it in this modern day world. People that I know will take those 1738294 photos to get the perfect shot and will be one of the first to comment a 🔥emoji on your most recent Instagram Photo, people that I know that if shit hits the fan tomorrow morning, they will be there to support me 1000%. They know who they are reading this!
I suppose what I am trying to get at, is that I want to go back to my old way - blogging because I simply love it and that it is my safe space. It is the one place that brings me immediate joy in a world full of negativity. I think I am stuck in a "quarter-life rut" - is this normal? I am beyond mature for my age which isn't a great thing at times. Although I may sound life a negative nelly at this moment in time, I know there is so many terrible things happening in the world right now that make what I worry and stress about seem small in comparison but to every different individual seem big. I am in no way a "damsel in distress" and have no desire for someone to come in and save me, I want to be my own heroine - this is my super hero story. 
Chapter 4 of my 2018 Book is about to start and I want to change my storyline! I feel a lot of changes down the line that I hope will be for the best. If life has thought me one thing lately, it is that life is too damn short and no one knows what is around the corner! I want to live life without this misty, grey cloud hanging over my head and I want the sun to start shining in Chapter 4. Life is good, bad, amazing & ugly all at once and I suppose it is what makes every single day different. It is time to remove that Instagram Filter and live the life I love, creating the fashion looks I have always dreamed of with my eyes wide opens. 
See more over on my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife
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