Sunday, 14 January 2018


Lately I have been struggling to think of interesting ideas for posts, I wonder will people be interested in what I write or am I boring them to tears. I find great inspiration from like-minded people and after recently catching up on some of favourite blogs especially one called "22" by my dear friend Gabs (you can see her blog here) I decided to put my own version of it together. 
On the 11/01/2018 I turned the ripe age of 23! 23 YEARS OLD - I am not taking it very well. To be honest I feel like the years are slipping by far too quickly and that I am not making the most of them. Being an extremely anxious person doesn't help these thoughts when all I want to do is create the most amazing life imaginable but some days I just don't have the energy to put myself together. So with that I have decided to look back on the last 23 years and put together 23 things I have learned from life (so far). 
1. Life can be a pile of poop sometimes but it has to get worse to get better. 
2. Some people will never get you & that is ok. 
3. Handbags are my thing - I can never have enough. 
4. I will always be the girl who would prefer to stay in then go out. 
5. It's true what they say "Some people are a blessing, some are a lesson.'
6. I will never "CURE" my anxiety, I will just have to continue to learn to live with it. 
7. I need to stop putting pressure on myself to find "the one", I need to learn to love myself first. 
8. People grow apart and that's just life.
9. Someone will always judge you so do what makes you happy. 
10. Be the you'iest version of YOU!
11. Never let anyone tell you how to live your life.
12. Wear what you want! 
13. Using body moisturiser on a daily basis is important. 
14. It's ok to love McDonalds. 
15. Travel really is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 
16. Say YES to more things. 
17. Cherish every moment with your loved ones. 
18. Never stop taking photos. 
19. Step outside your comfort zone. 
20. The amount of likes on photos & followers on Instagram does not show your value as a person. 
21. It's ok to say no sometimes. 
22. I must embrace my pasty white skin. 
23. Cherish every single day you wake up alive & healthy, some people don't get the chance. 
With 23 years lived already, there is so much I want to do with my life still. I honestly think the older you get the more you appreciate every single day, you take the good with the bad and create a life for yourself. There is so many new places I want to visit and risks I want to take so lets hope the next 23 years are just as special. 
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