Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Reason I Chose To Smile.

I cannot believe I am about to show you all a groggy photo of my teeth before and after my Invisalign treatment but hey you guys asked for it. Let me start from the beginning, for YEARS my smile bothered me & for such a smiley person - this was a big big issue! Now I know my teeth were not the worst in the world but they played havoc on my confidence for years and I wanted to change that. At the beginning of 2017 I decided enough was enough, I was just about to finish up college and start working for good so I thought it was as good a time as any to finally take the plunge. I had researched everything you needed to know about braces and I knew for certain I wanted Invisalign braces as they were completely invisible and no one would even know I had them in. I also wanted to go with Clear Braces for the simple fact of the industry that I work in. Having visible braces would just have been a big "no,no" for me so if there was the slightest chance I was able to get clear ones, I was going to get them. 

I had researched a tonne of places to get the ClearTeen Invisalign Braces done & in the end I went with "Nenagh Dental and Orthodontic Clinic" as they were the most practical for travel wise and also Dr.Romana had so many amazing reviews, I knew I would be in the best of hands. So last April I went for my initial consultation to see would Invisalign be the right course of treatment for me and thankfully they were. Dr.Romana talked me through all the steps that would need to be taken to go ahead with my ClearTeen Braces and the process started. After getting my braces fitted and moulds taken, i'd say it was the June by the time I started my treatment. With just 21 sets and 6 months later and I can say I am BRACE FREE! I honestly can't get over how a slight few changes to my teeth has had the biggest impact on my confidence - I cannot get over how great my teeth look and no one would have even have known I was getting treatment done over the last 6 months. Dr.Romana from Nenagh Dental and Orthodontic Clinic was an absolute dream, chatting me through every step of the way and reassuring me that everything was going the way it was supposed to! I have a previous blog post on my Clear Braces treatment so you can have a read of that here. I honestly could not be happier with my teeth and am so proud of my smile now. 

Now back to the outfit - pink has been a colour that has slowly been taking over my wardrobe lately so when I stumbled across these "Black & Pink Boots" from Public Desire I knew they had to be mine. I just think they are such a timeless and classy piece for anyone to own. Keeping the theme of the look simple with some "Black & White Striped Trousers", of course an "Oversized Black Jumper" and a little "Pink Baker Boy Hat" to finish off the look. Last but certainly not least - my FAVOURITE part of the entire look, my Gucci Marmont 2.0 in Nude (swoooosh!). I picked this little gem up on my recent trip to London and I am so so happy that I did. It was a piece I had been looking at for the longest time and I am so glad that it is finally mine. I know some people don't agree with me about spending certain amounts of money on materialistic things and on some level I do agree but I do believe that every once in awhile we are entitled to treat ourselves to something we have worked long and hard for & this beauty reminds me of everything I have worked for this year and for that I will forever cherish it. 
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