Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Photos That Never Made Instagram.

It's March 25th 2018 and it is almost 6 weeks since my last blog post and to be honest I am really disappointed in myself that I left it go that long but I kind of just fell out of the whole blogging world. I have been working a lot in my daily job so when I come home after a long day, I am too tired to try think up of a post - when did I become a 90 year old? There has been a lot going on in my personal life too (like everyone) so that takes priority of course. In all honesty I haven't just been feeling "it" this year, I have so many plans , dreams and ideas but don't have the time to execute them which can kind of put a dampener on the whole thing and pause your dreams. Of course I love curating the perfect images for Instagram (UN: @niamh_lovelife), but with that comes a lot of pressure and a lot of doubt that if the interaction isn't automatically high initially - I instantly delete it. While I absolutely adore my blog and the little world I have created, I think there is a lot of pressure nowadays to lead this "Perfect Instagram Life" as an extremely high standard is visibly set by much bigger bloggers/influencers and in reality 99.9% of us everyday people can't have or afford that life - not to mind those of us trying to make it in that industry and it automatically turns us off it because it's a world not achievable to us all. 
I am lucky in a way that I have a small circle of people in this industry that I enjoy surrounding myself with - people that I know understand the stress, struggles and joy of trying to reach it in this modern day world. People that I know will take those 1738294 photos to get the perfect shot and will be one of the first to comment a 🔥emoji on your most recent Instagram Photo, people that I know that if shit hits the fan tomorrow morning, they will be there to support me 1000%. They know who they are reading this!
I suppose what I am trying to get at, is that I want to go back to my old way - blogging because I simply love it and that it is my safe space. It is the one place that brings me immediate joy in a world full of negativity. I think I am stuck in a "quarter-life rut" - is this normal? I am beyond mature for my age which isn't a great thing at times. Although I may sound life a negative nelly at this moment in time, I know there is so many terrible things happening in the world right now that make what I worry and stress about seem small in comparison but to every different individual seem big. I am in no way a "damsel in distress" and have no desire for someone to come in and save me, I want to be my own heroine - this is my super hero story. 
Chapter 4 of my 2018 Book is about to start and I want to change my storyline! I feel a lot of changes down the line that I hope will be for the best. If life has thought me one thing lately, it is that life is too damn short and no one knows what is around the corner! I want to live life without this misty, grey cloud hanging over my head and I want the sun to start shining in Chapter 4. Life is good, bad, amazing & ugly all at once and I suppose it is what makes every single day different. It is time to remove that Instagram Filter and live the life I love, creating the fashion looks I have always dreamed of with my eyes wide opens. 
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