Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Life Update 2.0 - Faith, Opportunities & Materialistic Expectations.

My god 2018 has been a weird one so far, I mean I was beyond motivated at the start of the year, jumping on the "New Year, New Me" Bandwagon and here I am 4 months on as unmotivated as ever! I had so many plans in my head that I wanted to execute but somehow along the way I lost my drive to put them into action. Life has been an absolute rollercoaster since my last blog post (I am not even going to apologise again for the 1638346 time for the delay) but hey what can I do! I've learned a lot over the last 6 weeks and if they have thought me ANYTHING, it is that tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone so if an opportunity arises - take it! We got some pretty bad news a few weeks back that put absolutely everything into perspective for me and in some way I feel like I am just finding out who I really am again. Without sounding like I am away with the birds because a normal 23 year old would never talk about it really but I feel like I am finding my faith again after drifting away from my beliefs for a long time, as I don't agree with a lot of actions but I have found myself more than ever taking comfort in it and in some way finding my way back to my faith - it's weird how life throws curveballs in your direction isn't it? While materialistic aspects of my life always used to seem extremely important to me, now they just seem so small in comparison. Memories are what you can cherish forever and I really want to create ones I will always remember. 
With so many things happening in the world right now, especially here in Ireland with "Repeal the 8th" Referendum approaching - I think it is only time my generation fought for what we believe in. I normally keep quite quiet on things and I am not going to force my opinion on anyone as that is not fair because everyone has the right to make their own choice but isn't that exactly what "Repeal the 8th" is about? Giving us women the right to make our OWN CHOICE over our OWN BODIES. I'm not going to say much more but just remember to Register to Vote before May 8th. The upcoming referendum on May 25th is the most crucial one our generation could face so let your voice make a difference.
Onto slightly lighter things - this month was also the month we finally held our "The Whole Shebang" Charity Event and what a success it was! Over 10k Euro raised to donate to 4 very well deserving charities that are close to everyones heart and for that I will never be able to thank everyone for their generosity for "The Whole Shebang" from the donations, to spot prizes, to helping hands and so much more - it was a day I will never forget. 
I have some pretty big life changes over the next month or so, with a career change which I am absolutely terrified but extremely excited about, some travelling with my family and also seeing the fruits of my Dad's 9 Year Developments coming to life which I am incredibly proud of him for - there is so much to cherish at this moment in time. I tend to take my life for granted at times, not living in the present but I tell you if this year has thought me ANYTHING so far it is that I am going to thank my lucky stars every night for the life I am living. 
So if you take anything from me today, live in the present, let your voice be heard and cherish every moment you get because some day it will all become a distant memory. 
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