Thursday, 17 May 2018

Season Two.

I am back with my monthly blog post - how bad is it that I am saying monthly at this stage but oh well, that's life. On a brighter note (for once) I can finally say I think I am starting 2018 properly now, just 5 months later, haha - we all need a trial run, right? I kind of lost myself a little this year and that had a knock-on effect to every part of my life but after meeting some amazing friends and inspiring people recently that have motivated me to follow my passions and pursue my dreams again - I think I am finally on the right track! Personally I think early 20's is such a difficult and confusing time, half of us are just out of college, not knowing what the next step is while the rest of us are just floating about day by day, not knowing what path to follow, I think that is the category I fit into for the majority of this year. I am normally such a motivated individual but my skills have been slacking as of late - I just hadn't been feeling it. I think people often have these misconceptions of people who put a part of their lives on social media (which is actually like 5% of their real lives), people often think we are so confident, cocky and careless but in the most cases that couldn't be more wrong. I for one am certainly not one of those people and I am thankful I'm not. This online world that we spend so much time on is all behind the screen of a iPhone, Ipad or Laptop - you can be the polar opposite online to who you are in person and no one would ever know. So just be careful not to judge someone who you follow online so quickly - you don't know the real them! AND THAT IS YOUR NEW LIFE LESSON FROM NIAMH LOVE LIFE, haha.
On a much happier and brighter note, the next few weeks are very exciting and I think it is exactly what I need. I am starting my new job next week with Young Contemporary in Brown Thomas. Basically I will be up on the Fashions Floor with incredible brands such as Ganni, Rixo, Calvin Klein and SO MANY MORE exciting ones on the way. Fashion is my true love, I love being able to express myself in what I wear and I adore helping others feel amazing in an outfit too - nothing brings me more joy! So I am finally going back to my roots and I am very excited to start this next chapter - so for all your outfit needs and questions, holla at me! Along with that I am also heading to Amsterdam with my parents for a city break in a few weeks and it couldn't come at a better time. I cannot wait to hop on a plane and explore a city I have always dreamed of visiting especially with my parents by my side. My head has gone into overdrive with outfit planning, the excitement!
So as you can see, life has taken a turn for the best and I am beyond grateful for every opportunity headed my way and that some people are willing to take a chance on me. As one chapter closes, leaving amazing memories, a great job with people I will always cherish and some friends behind, I am very excited to turn the page to what the next chapter holds. I truly believe if you put good thoughts out into the world, you will reap endless rewards & as I always say:
"Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Sassy, BE YOU!"
All photos are from my Instagram Page @niamh_lovelife - you will find all the outfit details from every look there. 
Also I am absolutely OBSESSED with my new Mi Moneda Chain which is the top one in the photo below - a few people have asked me about it so here is the link to it - here, here & here. I have my eye on so many more, they are FAB!

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