Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A Love/Hate Story

Can you actually deal with the weather we have at the moment here in Ireland - it is SENSATIONAL! You would 1000% think you were abroad when you step out your front door. That being said us Irish aren't cut out for this heat so there is a lot of "Jesus, it's too warm out there today" going around but then again do we ever stop complaining about the weather, good or bad? I currently have two days off work and I am going to do my utter best to enjoy the weather and not burn like a crisp with my pasty white skin. 
On another note, I am back with my monthly blog post - are you sick of me saying that at this stage? Life and Work has just become a priority for me this year and to be honest, I am enjoying not living 99% of my life online like I have in the last few years. I am at that stage in my life where I really want to focus on my career, my personal happiness and also my privacy. The online world leaves you open to everything and to be honest I am just not cut out for that anymore. There has also been a lot of negative energy around bloggers in Ireland the last few months and it is not something I ever want to be part of. I feel like the actions of a few have tarred us all with the one brush and that couldn't be more wrong. I could actually harp on all day about this but I think Retro Flame who has ALWAYS been one of my biggest blogger inspirations nails it on the head in her recent post here. I honestly think if your in this industry to make a quick buck and not to honestly inspire someone, you are in it for the wrong reasons and I am going to leave that there.
This month I was also lucky enough to be given the chance to collaborate with one of my favourite brands H&M which is an absolute dream come true. They kindly gifted me a few pieces to style up with one being this very look. I absolutely adore H&M for their boho style dresses, suits and of course skirts because I think they just nail them on the head but I have a very much love/hate relationship with their trousers so I just stay well away from them. This look SCREAMS ME, I personally think so anyway. A bohemian styled dress is always my go-too in the Summer, they are just so light and airy but you still somehow manage to look put together. I wanted to edge it up with a brightly coloured tee underneath and of course another oversized denim jacket had to be added to the look. Lately, I have become much more comfortable with my own personal style and I think once your confident in who you are that it just shines through you. It also helps that I absolutely ADORE this look and I honestly think it's the sassiest I have ever felt. You can shop all the H&M Pieces here and I will have a few more looks coming to the blog soon too.
With all that being said, I think it is fair to say that my blog posts will continue to be far and few in between, I just want to write when I am inspired to do so and not when I feel like I have to. There is going to be a big shift in this industry soon and I personally feel like it is needed - until then you can continue following me making a life for myself here or over on my Instagram @niamh_lovelife.
Also a big thank you to one of my best friends Adam Coleman from for being the best photographer, friend and all around motivator - I mean we shot this in my Grandfathers Storeroom, THE BOY IS TALENTED!! 
This post is in no way sponsored but the pieces of clothing were kindly gifted by H&M Press Office. 
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