Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Street Style to Day Wear with JD Sports

If you've been following me for sometime now, you will know that my go too clothing is Oversized Sweaters and Hoodies - they are just the comfiest items of clothing you could own but often they are seen as lounge clothes or something you wouldn't exactly style up for a day out. Now I have to disagree with that as I personally think styling them up with the right pieces is how you achieve the perfect streetstyle-esque vibe. 
Taking something as simple as this "Adidas Originals Crew Neck - shop here" that I picked up last week in JD Sports. It is the ideal oversized mens piece but I have styled it up in an appropriate way for anyone to wear at any occasion. "Funky Suit Style Pants" are the ideal piece to pair this with as it adds a classic twist to a relaxed look. Get something with a similar colour pattern but with a clashing print to add a real fashion vibe to it. To keep with the whole relaxed look. I also paired it with an massively "Oversized Black Satin Bomber" as I always tend to stick with oversized pieces on top and then fitted pieces on the bottom - it's just a style rule I tend to follow always. Comfort like I said before is number one for me so of course a pair of trainers were a must. I also picked up these "Nike Air Force 1's in White and Black - shop here" in JD's during the week and I think they may be my new favourite pair of trainers. Simple and understated but go with absolutely EVERYTHING and they are possibly the comfiest shoes I own. Can you ever go wrong with a new pair of trainers? 
Looks like this where you mix street style and daily wear are my go too looks. It's comfort and glam all rolled into one and a look you will continually see me wearing forever more. 
Adidas Sweater & Nike Trainers were kindly gifted to me by JD Sports - see their website here.


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

#LoveLifeTravels - Amsterdam Photo Diary

It's been a hot minute since I actually went to Amsterdam back in June but I just didn't manage to get anything up on my trip since then! I was lucky enough to travel to Amsterdam for a little city break back in June with my parents which I absolutely loved. 4 days in the quirkiest and most unique city I have ever been too - it was an absolute joy. If you follow my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife you will know I got to see a lot of amazing places while I was there which you can see on Instagram's Highlight Reel but in all honesty - we just kind of winged our trip. We hadn't anything preplanned or booked in advance which was a little downfall for us but it still all worked out none the less. A good few people have asked me advice on places to go and things to do so I decided to leave that to the Amsterdam experts - Emer from PenneystoPrada, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here, and then of course Lauren from LoveLauren who has actually just moved to Harlem just outside Amsterdam City, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here. The girls give you such a great insight into one of my favourite places ever and were the two people I went to when I needed any travel advice for my trip so definitely check them out. 
I did fortunately though take a tonne of photos from the trip which I have all shown below if you would like to get a great feel of what the beautiful city of Amsterdam is like. 


Friday, 17 August 2018

#LoveLifeTravels - Manchester with Aer Lingus Regional*

This time last week (Friday August 10th) I was wondering around what may be my favourite city in the whole entire world - no joke. I was lucky enough to be asked by Aer Lingus Regional Flight from Cork Airport to travel to Manchester for a quick trip and I was absolutely ecstatic. I had been to Manchester briefly before but I never really got to enjoy the actual city. Now why Manchester you make ask? Well it really isn't the city for sight seeing but it is a city that I have never in my life felt more at home in. It's quirky vibe, vintage stores and never ending restaurants and bars were all to die for. The shopping in Manchester is next level and it is home to some of the biggest online fashion houses in the world like PrettyLittleThing,, MissGuided and so much more. 
Myself and Dervila (I brought her along for the trip) got the 7:00am flight out of Cork Airport Thursday Morning after some TCL relaxing at the Cork Airport Aspire Lounge (I don't think I will ever be able to fly normally again, haha) and we were literally in our hotel at 9:30am that morning, such a quick flight. It was such a smooth, pain free flight which was amazing as I absolutely hate flying so it really was a proper treat.
A few people were asking me on Instagram where we stayed and I actually booked the Jurys Inn Manchester City Centre which was a 5 mins walk from the train station so it was ideal and it was honestly one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in and such good value. Just incase any of ye were wondering, I was lucky enough to be gifted the pair of flights by Aer Lingus Regional but the accommodation etc was all paid for by myself. If you are planning on heading to Manchester, I honestly cannot recommend that Jurys Inn enough. It was in such a Central position, everything was in walking distance and the beds were the comfiest thing I have EVER slept in - I would love to go back even just for a snooze. 
We hadn't anything really planned heading over as we just wanted an easy going trip and to do what we felt like doing while we were there so we basically just roamed the streets, popped into a load of different vintage stores, shopping centres, quirky bars and restaurants and even got more ear piercings. I can honestly say I have never loved somewhere as much as Manchester. Anyone that knows me personally knows I am the BIGGEST home bird, like I have zero travel bug and no where is better than home for me but Manchester changed my whole idea of it all. It was honestly a city in my opinion that accepted everyone, you had every race, colour, nationality etc about and it was amazing. The fashion culture was amazing around every corner and sorry but we literally saw some of the hottest men we had ever seen, haha. 
After roaming around all day Thursday, we went back to the hotel for naps before heading out for Dinner in the famous burger restaurant "Almost Famous" which was so fab before heading to a few different bars and nightclubs which were so much fun. Anything goes there, I went out in a simple Black T-Shirt Dress and my Dr.Martens and it was perfect. We had so much fun that night. 
Friday we took things VERY EASY as we may have had one cocktail too many the night before so we were slightly tender until we got a beloved McDonalds into us, then we recovered, haha. I was extremely lucky and grateful to be invited into the Headquarters on Friday to meet some of the PLT Team that I know and it was honestly the absolute dream. I have so many photos of the HQ below but my god was it amazing and they absolutely spoilt me rotten - so so blessed. 
After our day of antics, it was time to head back to the airport and head home. We were lucky enough again to relax in the Aspire Lounge in Manchester Airport which was honestly such a treat and something I would highly recommend looking into before flying with Aer Lingus on you're next trip. Our flight home was at 8:55pm from Manchester to Cork and we were back home in Limerick by midnight. The whole trip was so quick and easy with Aer Lingus Regional that I wouldn't honestly drive to Dublin as fast from my home. 
Again I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Aer Lingus Regional for inviting me on such an amazing trip to Manchester and I honestly cannot wait to head back there soon. Manchester is 10/10 in my eyes and I am itching to get back. 
Until next time Manchester Xo

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