Wednesday, 22 August 2018

#LoveLifeTravels - Amsterdam Photo Diary

It's been a hot minute since I actually went to Amsterdam back in June but I just didn't manage to get anything up on my trip since then! I was lucky enough to travel to Amsterdam for a little city break back in June with my parents which I absolutely loved. 4 days in the quirkiest and most unique city I have ever been too - it was an absolute joy. If you follow my Instagram: @niamh_lovelife you will know I got to see a lot of amazing places while I was there which you can see on Instagram's Highlight Reel but in all honesty - we just kind of winged our trip. We hadn't anything preplanned or booked in advance which was a little downfall for us but it still all worked out none the less. A good few people have asked me advice on places to go and things to do so I decided to leave that to the Amsterdam experts - Emer from PenneystoPrada, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here, and then of course Lauren from LoveLauren who has actually just moved to Harlem just outside Amsterdam City, you can read her Amsterdam Guides here & here. The girls give you such a great insight into one of my favourite places ever and were the two people I went to when I needed any travel advice for my trip so definitely check them out. 
I did fortunately though take a tonne of photos from the trip which I have all shown below if you would like to get a great feel of what the beautiful city of Amsterdam is like. 

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