Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Reset Button

So it has literally been a lifetime since my last blog post and I am pretty sure I have begun every post I have wrote this year exactly like that. I just kind of lost any sort of motivation I had to update my blog and I focused too much on social media and numbers that eventually I ended up wanting to give it all up. Despite the fact I love online platforms like Instagram etc they are also such a downfall for peoples mental health, especially my own. So after taking some time off my blog, deciding not focus on numbers and followers, taking a huge step back in my personal life to re-evaluate a lot and to focus more on my mental health - I am back feeling better than ever. 
My blog has always been my safety net for people to read and hopefully relate too and I think that is the reason I enjoyed starting up my blog initially - I never cared about anything else or any online platform, my blog was my baby. With all that being said, I am basically restarting it all again. I am in the midst of giving my blog a new look and it's own vibe, planning new paths to take and directions to go which makes it all that little bit exciting. I have so many ideas of looks and different ways to push boundaries but I am also not going to take it too seriously, life is too damn short for that. So for now, be prepared to see a lot more posts from Love Life. I hope I continue to motivate and inspire whoever is reading this, along with pushing myself outside my comfort zone because if you don't believe in yourself then who will. 
I wanted to jump back with a brand new look which I think personally screams me. Bright colours, bold prints and a little bit of comfort - can you go wrong? I was lucky enough over the last few weeks to be gifted some amazing pairs of shoes from Greenes Shoes that I will have in different looks over the next while. For now they gifted me these amazing "Black High Top Converse" which I was absolutely delighted about as I had them on my wish list for some time - you can shop them here. I am beyond excited to share some more looks I have planned and so much more - thank you to every single one of you who continue to follow, support and read my little corner of the internet. 
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