Sunday, 23 December 2018

Goodbye to 2018 With Primark*

First of all, a big thank you to everyone for their love and support on my last blog post - it was long overdue on the blog and featured a lot of stuff that I needed to get off my chest. I thought it might have been my last blog post of the year but I decided to be good and get another one done.
What can I say about 2018, you have been an absolute shit show at the best of times and amazing at the worst of times. I have learned a lot about myself this year, put my mental health through the ringer and realized more than ever that your health is your wealth. Turning 23 at the beginning of the year, I thought I was going to be on top of the world and couldn’t wait for the year ahead, but let me tell you, I cannot wait to see the back of 23 and learn to love myself more throughout 24.
2018 was the year I battled with myself. I secluded myself from a lot, fought my demons and struggled to see the light. I turned myself away from a 23 year olds lifestyle in the hope of finding who I was. I have learned who I want to be, what I want out of life and what impact I hope to leave once I am gone. I have depended on my parents more than ever and decided to treat myself that little bit more. Life is too damn short not to. I have learned that by giving back to your community and those less fortunate, you gain more than money could ever buy. I have learnt that no one in the world will match how much I adore my Nan and that a good laugh can really cure any pain. This year has taught me that by giving in, I was not giving up and by standing up for myself, I earned more respect than I ever thought I could. 2018 you challenged me continuously but I am forever grateful.
I write one of these types of posts every year, giving myself a list of goals for the year ahead and to be honest when I don’t reach them all, it makes me feel like a complete failure. I have decided that instead I am going to break down the year into 4 equal parts and set myself smaller goals to reach from season to season. This will be a good way for me to track what I have achieved and what I need to work on more. Also people change throughout the year and what I want in January may be completely different to what I want in September. People change just like the seasons and I think it will be the best way to continuously improve myself.
I want 2019 to be the year, that I focus on the good in me rather than always focusing on the bad. To be honest I need to learn to love myself more because if I don’t, how can anyone else learn to love me. I need to learn to have more faith in myself rather than giving up at the first hurdle. I need to learn that how I think and feel about myself is much more important than what others think of me and that even if today is bad, tomorrow has the potential to change my life. Life is short, sweet, painful and a nuisance at the best of times but isn’t that what it is all about.
I also want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Brands, PR Companies and anyone I have worked with this year for taking a leap of faith on me. There were a lot of times where I was throwing in the towel with this entire industry but ye were the motivation that kept me going. From the Black Panther Premiere with Disney in February, to endless PLT Parties, Electric Picnic with Aussie, going to Harry Potter World with Primark and so much more, I cannot thank you all enough for asking me to be apart of these crazy experiences. Never in a million years did I ever think I would get the chance to live this crazy life, even with all the obstacles thrown in between - I am beyond grateful and count my lucky stars every single night. 
A massive thank you to every single one of you who have followed, supported, read & continuously cheered on my blog. I am so forever grateful for you all and thank you for picking me up when I kept falling down. Who knows what 2019 has in store for me, my life or my blog. All I know is that I am going to damn well make the absolute most of it, here is too 2019.
Primark has been without a doubt my one stop shop throughout 2018 from clashing prints to sports luxe - they had my entire wardrobe covered. Their 2-Piece Suits were my weakness throughout the year and I cannot wait to continue styling them up into 2019. Honestly hand on heart cannot thank Primark enough for all their love, support & opportunities throughout 2018. Stephanie and Andrea from the Primark PR Team are the most amazing people and have without a doubt become lifelong friends. I am so excited to continue working with them in 2019!
Jacket - €35 Primark (Last Year) ll Dress €18 Primark ll Top €6 Primark ll Headband €3 Primark
This post is sponsored by Primark #IWorkWithPrimark
Photos by Owen Webb O'Rourke
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