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"Love Life" is the newest up and coming Irish Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blog ran by Niamh Webb O'Rourke, who finished her Second Level Schooling and decided to pursue her dream of working in the Fashion Industry. 
A Social Media Consultant, Makeup Artist, Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketeer and Student, Niamh reviews, blogs and discovers each seasons new Fashion and Beauty trends. "Love Life" is like a day to day diary of a young Irish girl on the road to pursuing her dream. Featuring Outfit Posts, Beauty Reviews, Makeup Looks and Personal Insights, "Love Life" is an open and honest journal into the life of an everyday girl.
With "Love Life" only being launched to the Public the end of 2014 it really has rocketed. Niamh was one of the official Fashion Bloggers for Brown Thomas Ireland's A/W Launch, has been invited to and attended afternoon tea with Cocoa Brown Founder Marissa Carter and also has been nominated as one of Ireland's Top 30 Fashion Bloggers by RSVP Magazine with big names such as the Make-Up Fairy and Love Lauren. Along with this Niamh has been featured in the Irish Independent as the one to watch and also magazines such as Stellar and Kiss for her Modelling and Blogging Career. Most recently became the in-house blogger for Athlone Town Centre with so much more on the horizon.
Having worked with the hugely popular brand River Island for over 2 years, Niamh has a keen eye for the latest trends and is always keeping up to date with the newest look. With many qualifications under her belt such as Marketing, PR, Sales and Advertising for Business, Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business, Retail Selling, Retail Display and Fashion Buying and Merchandising along with a Professional Makeup Artist Certificate from La Beaute Makeup Studio and Training Centre and a 6-Month Internship with MAC Cosmetics where she also trained in Makeup Artistry. Along with all this Niamh has just finished studying with the London School of Styling and is now studying with Parsons School x Teen Vogue in the hopes of bringing her blog and career to the next level. 
With a lot of projects on the horizon and hopefully a very bright future ahead, Niamh hopes that "Love Life" will become the platform for people of every Age, Style and Gender to come to in search of advice and guidance in every aspect of Fashion, Beauty and Life. 

1. What Shoe Size/ Dress Size are you? I am somewhere between a size 5/6 in shoes, it depends on what type they are. Also I am a size 10/12 in clothes but that can vary anywhere between a size 6-12 with the way clothes are made today. 
2. What height are you? I am 5'8 which is relatively tall but I don't seem to come out that tall in photos, I think it's the angle I take them from and also the fact I am not stick thin so I don't appear that slim. 
3. Who takes your photos? Most of the time it is my Mum that takes my photos, or if she is not around I will get one of my friends to take them for me. I would love to send my Mum on a photography course so I could use her full time. 
4. What are you favourite Online and High Street stores? ALL OF THEM! I am honestly a girl that will shop anywhere but if I had to narrow it down, my favourite Online Stores would be: MissGuided, ASOS and Boohoo. My favourite High Street stores would be: River Island, Topshop, Penneys/Primark and of course Zara!
5. Who are you style icons? The Olsen Twins, Blake Lively, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the list goes on. 
6. Who are you favourite Fashion bloggers? The list is endless but the main ones for me are Fashion Influx, Sarah Ashcroft, Sincerely Jules and She Wears Fashion. I also love Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Bethany Mota but they are in my Youtube list. 
17. I want to start a blog but I don't know where to start & how to get noticed?
- Do it on something you love! You will enjoy writing about a topic you are actually interested in.
- Ignore what people say! Someone is always going to have some smart comment to pass that may be hurtful but remember to ignore it! Your doing this for you, not for them. 
- Only write when your inspired to write, if you write a blog post for the sake of writing one your readers will sense it. 
- Personally I would use blogger when setting up a blog! It is so simple and easy to use.
- Set it up and write a few posts before showing it to anyone! This will help you decide on what style etc of a blog you want.
- Don't set up any social media platforms for your blog until you are 100000% happy with your blog and are willing to dedicate all your time to it. 
- I launched my blog to the world the beginning of 2015 and since then I spend every waking minute on it. It is a full time unpaid job but if you love doing it then you won't mind spending all your time on it. Getting noticed is the hard part of blogging, but networking is key! If you keep producing good content and keep working hard on your blog, people will recognise you and it will all develop from there. Always remember though, Rome wasn't built overnight! You can follow "Love Life's" day to day life here on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

To get in contact with "Love Life" email me at
if you have any PR or General inquiries. 

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